Mark & Dayen

Congratulations on Your Wedding

The Year of the Dragon starts well for a close friend who is finally getting married. I had been asking him many times about this big day without getting any answers. Finally it was the Dragon that provided the answer. It was held at the beautiful new building of Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA). I would have loved to take some shots of the building but the focus now was of Mark and his bride. Furthermore I was late after a few traffic lights and jams. Back in Sri Aman I can make it 10 minutes to any destination radius from where I stayed. So I guess I need some time to adjust to the traffic trends here in Kuching. But drove within the speed limit I did and arrived just in time to see the couple settled at thier high table.

Mark and Dayen ~ All smiles for their big day

The studio photo of the couple at the entrance

The DBNA building was simply marvelous to have this function and yes the funds for its construction was given by our YAB Prime Minister.

The kiss ~ there was no second take on this, so I had to compete with the other cameras to capture the moment from a distance.

The dance ~ they had fun

Shake it baby 'the moment of truth' ~ Mark gives it his best to open that bottle

And pop goes the bottle allowing for a free flow of 'toast' wine

Eric Clapton's 'Wonderful tonight' song dedicated by Mark to his lovely missus Dayen

Pretty Dayen getting another loving kiss from her guy ~ may the year of the Dragon gives both of you all the romance and luck and hopefully we can see some little baby dragons flying around soon

Final pose with the lucky couple

One of the speakers at the wedding mentioned, "Wedding rings are the smallest handcuffs in the world. Despite that, let love be 30% of a married life and the remaining 70% be forgiveness and understanding". May we take some time to absorb the statistics given by the seasoned speaker. Maybe there will be some discounts after several years of marriage, no? Some give and take is what he probably mean. So Mark and Dayen, another round of congratulations from Nadai Nama Nama. A toast to your perfect love story.


Iban ba rantau said…
Dayen's parents look familiar. Is her maiden name Kinchang? Hope there is not many people with the same name.