Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Gong Xi Fa Chai To All

I wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New year 2012. Everyone is excited about the year of the water dragon. It will be indeed a challenging year for most of us. That is what most of the soothsayers, astrologers and fortune tellers are telling us. My simple thoughts ~ you have the dragon which has been depicted as fire breathing doom bringers, then you have the water. Two elements of the water dragon neutralising one another. But both elements can also be destructive too. Fire has been known to be a force of destruction and civilisation as depicted in the bible stories of Sodom and Gomorrah. Raiding barbarians in ancient times used fire to stamp their mark by burning down anything that stand in their way. Water in the form of tsunamis and raging floods can also leave a ferocious wave of destruction.

So looking at the force of these two elements, we ask ourselves again, what is in store for us in this Year of the Water Drago. Both elements if used wisely can bring prosperity, peace and health to our well being. A friend tried to explain to me that the myths of Western and Eastern Dragons were different as the Chinese dragons require water for power. I agree with him totally as we can see how nuclear reactors for example need a lot of water to channel its 'good' energy. Picking from this I guess I have to say that the key to prosperity, peace and health is about balance and moderation. One must not be too greedy as a means to gain quick wealth. In earning abundance once should learn to practice charity and goodwill, giving back to society. It means a journey to long term prosperity and respect. Extremism in either direction, be it leftist or rightist brings war, terrorism and destruction. In moderation, acceptance and tolerance, peace can given a chance. Balance in mind (work and play) and body, in the food we take and drinks we consume means the road to good health. Yes, I have to say the Water Dragon has a lot to teach us as we journey together with it,

Be the idea of Western or Eastern dragon, its good to collect the good ideas be it from the East and West. That was how spaghetti was introduced in Italy and tea in Britain. In contrast, too much of the bad thing like opium introduced by the West to China led to its downfall. The best option is to embrace Balance. That I believe how Samsung and iPhone came into existence. To balance this I bought a Blackberry.....hahahahahaha!

Some nice fireworks scenes i captured from my neighbourhood in my hometown Sibu on Chinese New Year Eve

Sibu town was transformed into a 'war zone' temporary as my neighbours lit the skies with their colourful fireworks

Happy Chinese New Year 2012 to all from Nada Nama Nama. May we discover the balance we seek within the Dragon in us and use the energies wisely. Gong Xi Fa Chai 2012.