Pesta Benak Promo

Pesta Benak 2011 Coming Soon

The Tidal Bore Phenomenon is expected to be celebrated with the organising of Pesta Benak 2011 soon. Thus in conjunction with this upcoming event I present to you my own promotional video of the event which sees some Benak Boat surfers (perahu surfers) having fun with the tidal bore high waves. The event is currently being organised by the Pesta Benak 2011 Committee coordinated by the Sri Aman Resident Office. Its the least I can do just in case I won't be in Sri Aman any more once our transfer list is out.

If I am still in Sri Aman I will do my best to promote this via my blog as we have been trying hard to make this exciting natural phenomenon make its mark in Sarawak's tourism calender. With the introduction of Antony Colas, our tidal bore surfer from France to the exciting Regatta or boat race, the effort to make this benak wave occurrence as Sarawak's unique tourism product has been a neverending quest. I hope you will enjoy the exciting events that will be organised by the Committee soon. The date and list of program will be outlined by the committee in the coming weeks. So stay tuned.


Mizz Coki said…
Whaaahhh.. Pesta Benak is coming soon!