Campaigning Starts

Poster Wars

The campaigning in N.26 Bukit Begunan has started but as it is the first few days after nomination the posters are slowly coming up. Depending on the constituencies, it does seem that the 'poster wars' in the outskirts of town are less intense than those in town. The contesting candidates are also relying more on the organising of door to door campaigns and organising ceramah.

Poster wars at Lachau Town - thats about it

On top of Bukit Begunan one will see the flags trying to reach the sky

The Independent candidate's campaign material near Gua Ming, Sri Aman

Urban Poster Warfare

Unlike the town areas like Serian and Sri Aman where the poster wars tend to be more creative and targets high density area, there's that feeling of an election being emminent.

Political parties flags lining the Serian bridge

Even Sir Aman's N.27 Simanggang roundabout which is home to the famous Peace Doves is surrounded by War Posters......I wonder what these peaceful birds are thinking.