Sejiwa Senada Sri Aman

Let The Show Begin

The time has come for the Sejiwa Senada Program to come to Sri Aman and there are many preparations for it at the background. I have created a seperate website for the event at the Sejiwa Senada Sri Aman using Wordpress. I am using this other platform just to get use to the latest updates that this blogging platform has to offer. I have to say it has way improved since I first started using it many eons ago. So this post will be also posted in the Wordpress just to see how it looks like. So far work progress is going well to prepare for the event which starts on 25th February to 27th February 2011 and is expected to be officiated by the Right Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Progress on the Sejiwa Senada Welcoming Arch as at 9 am on 23 Feb 2011

Workers for the contractors preparing the canopies, platform and stage working round the clock to make sure all will be ready in time for the rehearsal and opening ceremony

Some final touch up being done at the entrance to the Sejiwa Senada site

As of 3 pm 23 Feb 2011 the famous Peace Dove are in place at the Welcoming Arch

Finally the Iban Tribal Shields completed at the Welcoming Arch at 7 pm 23 Feb 2011

The Nadai Nama Nama dude

Nadai Nama Nama will be here to report the latest development and relay the latest pictures of the event. So do head over to Sri Aman for this unique event as there are some wonderful programmes lined up and fantastic attractive prizes to be won.


Coffee Girl said…
Candid! Nice! Some guy with his pants almost down! tsk tsk tsk... And congratulation on the success of SS Sri Aman!

Bos, let's exchange link! (again) How to follow you here? Sikda nanga 'follower' link pun.

Coffee Girl