Beguang Birds

Appreciating Nature Around Beguang

During my journey back to my longhouse along Rajang River this Chinese New Year, I took the opportunity to take scenic pictures along the Batang Rajang.Within 30 minutes I managed to capture some unique birds that were in sight. Though I am no National Geographic Photographer, the sight of the large birds that were seen along the river excited my senses, especially if one has a powerful camera. However I lacked the necessary bird watchers' 'weapons' or equipment that would allow me to take pictures properly as I was on a moving longboat which was vibrating furiously with the 15 horsepower outboard motor.

Its time to cruise the Batang Rajang - Beguang Geographic Photographer

This photographer has a good eyes for birds but not the name of this white bird

The so familiar white bird found along Rajang River ~ I'll check for its scientific name and place it here soon

This is no bird dog but when it barked as if to say 'hey dude take our picture' so I could not resist taking its photo

Then I saw a dark figure high above in the trees and I zoomed in on the shadowy outline

As I snapped away I was not able to see properly what I was focusing at but when I enlarged it I was amazed at the sight of a pair of beautiful eagles instead of one

I just love this pair but sadly as I sailed on a few minutes more along the river I saw a new timber camp just nearby....this pair of eagles will be without a place to call home soon.


Anonymous said…
Hopefully these birds will be able to find a new place to stay soon. Deeper into the jungle where human won't interfere with their natural habitat.