Rumah Anek Update

The Days After

The fire victims of Rumah Anek were the focus of Nadai Nama Nama's concern last week as everyone in the office chipped in to provide them the necessary assistance to lessen their burden. The nine door longhouse was destroyed within half an hour after the fire was started (believed to be caused by sort circuit) from the middle of the longhouse.

What remains of the Rumah Anek 9 doors longhouse

Temporary shelter for five of the nine families at the almost completed Parish House, while the other four familes stayed with nearby relatives and friends

The fire victims relating their experience to us ~ they tried to save whatever they could. Even some of the pets were not spared and some of them were lucky to save their valuable documents.

Kind donations and assistance provided included new mattresses, clothing, fans, foodstuffs at this Parish House which has  five rooms to provide temporary shelter to the victims

One of the Parish House rooms and some of the belongings of the fire victims and some donated items

Chipping in ~ staff of the Sri Aman Resident Office gathered all they can within a short period and provided the victims with some basic items. Here the Deputy Resident (Social) Felicia Tan provides clothings and money collected by the staff to ease the fire victim's burden.

It is heartening also to note that the local Yang Berhormats, political parties such as Pemuda PBB, welfare bodies, Non Governmental Organisations and individuals are coming out in full force to assist the fire victims of Rumah Anek. YB Datuk Francis Harden the Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri for N.27 Simanggang and YB Tuan Masir Kujat, the Member of Parliament for P.202 Sri Aman have chipped in with RM500 for each family (for expenses in filing in reports of their lost items) and the YBs will also be providing the building materials to build a temporary house (dampa). The longhouse folks has been requested to decide on a new location on where they would choose to rebuild their longhouse. The Army personnels from Kem Pakit nearby would assist in helping these folks to build their temporary shelter once the building materials arrive and the longhouse folks nearby (including the victims themselves). The Sri Aman District Office has already collected the necessary data to put in the none families names in the E-Kasih List so as to ensure that any related assistance will be delivered to the family. Meanwhile the caring folks around Sri Aman, bloggers, facebookers from outside Sri Aman continue to pour in the donations to get the affected folks back up on their feet again. Bravo......Nadai Nama Nama will constantly make sure that their plight will be constantly updated here.