Merry Christmas 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Nadai Nama Nama wishes all its readers a Merry Christmas 2009 and Happy New Year 2010. I will be on leave starting next week and will try to implement the changes to the website. Incidently our Exabyte server also found the inspiration to do some housekeeping this year end and so we would be experiencing some technical difficulty in connectivity and some pictures will not show. Which is why the photo in this post is uploaded to blogger and not pointed to my server.

However I am all set for 2010 and plans are underway to try to get some good images for the blog - or maybe should I open a reliable photo sharing account which are aplenty in the net. Decisions decisions decisions. I hope my Nikon D5000 will not disappoint me. My Dell Inspiron Mini however will be unable to fit in the heavy photo editing tool (like Adobe Photoshop) which means I have to look for some lighter alternatives to enable me to edit photos while on the move with my Inspiron. No worries as the CHIP magazine has provided some softwares to test with. One thing i will also wish for in 2010 is on the reliability of the Internet services @ connectivity in Sarawak. I don't care which one as I almost have almost all of them except for the Wimax or that P wiggy thingy. My new Nokia E66 will partner my reliable Sony Ericsson P1i (which I almost replaced with a Blackberry 8520 but I need to revise that after discovering Dell Inspiron is just as good) so maybe I'd be looking at what Android phones have to offer. So far the CSL Mobile Internet Modem is performing well on Celcoms's 3G while Digi's Edge and Hotlink's 3G are used as backup.

So Christmas is looking White and New Year is looking Bright - I hope you all have made the necessary plans for the exciting ride. Cheers all!


Merry christmas! and have a happy New Year..