Dad's 70th Birthday

Farewell 2009 Hello 2010

The 2010 New year Countdown begins. Its twelve months since my It's 2009 blog. This year's countdown is a bit special as we get to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday to mark 2010's arrival. The family had a moderate celebration this year as we know that taking life slow and easy means that we can get to see more New year celebrations. Our family priest in leading our family in prayers spoke about Methuselah the oldest man on record: who reached 969 years old (Genesis 5:27) as in those days there were less health hazards. And so with the luxuries of food and drinks available in this century there is a tendency to over indulge in too many 'toxic' things..... *hic*.... oops. I guess I am guilty here with regards to over consumption of the good things in life.

But it is important to recognise that the family would never be where we are if not for the sacrifices of our parents and our grandparents. And it is during this times that each and every one of us make sure we continue their struggle to make a better living. With that said my Mum and Dad are always the pillars of our family's strength continuing to lead us in  the faith and also encouraging us everytime we set to explore new challenges in life - be it in our careers, investment in a new house or car and many more.

'70' candles for Dad's cake

Dad blows his Birthday Cake

Cake cutting - the grandchildren wishing Grandpa a Happy Birthday - Jason, Shania and Justin

The New Year feast begins

And so it is with this note Nadai Nama Nama will wishes all its readers a Happy 2010. May the new year bring new opportunities as it does with bringing more challenges. The celebration of our birthdays are timelines of our achievements as during that time we reflect where we are and how much we have harvested. Its a time to assess how we have spent our 365 days in that year. How much have we put in for our selves, our family and those who matter to us. How much have we given back to society? To the State? To the Country in which we are given the freedom and opportunity to flourish. How we handle the various trials and turbulences shows what type of person we are - the choices we make. And if opportunities fly by, try to make the best of it for it may only be with us for that moment . Happy Birthday Dad, and thank you Mummy and Daddy! To all Nadai Nama Nama strong and may God Bless You All.


John Goh said…
Happy birthday to u, Douglas Jerukan & Happy New Year 2010 to u all....