A Day At Sibu Wharf

Spend a few good minutes at the Sibu Wharf and you will get to see a lot of interesting scenes. The Rajang River is a big and wide waterway, well known for being the mode of transport for several major divisions. So any water debris floating along the river sometimes pose a major hazard for the water vessels. It can be a small piece of wood or it can be a bigger version. One big floating log became a hindrance for the boats berthing at the wharf a few days ago and I was impressed by the teamwork amongst the express boat owners (and also some members of the public) to clear the obstruction.

Omigosh....that's one mean looking log lodged between the boats

Analysing the problem.....okay, its really a log and not some giant creature waiting to pounce on anyone

Right people, let's get the ropes and get this hindrance out of the way

Okay, we have it covered.....just push it to the side

Go Go Go! its almost out of the way!

Yeah! We did it.....good teamwork people! Now the river traffic can flow freely......

But hey wait.............

So I looked at the cheerful face amongst those boat operators,,,,,yeap, teamwork was the key to getting that log out of the way. My wish is that they could have applied that teamwork spirit to clearing the surroundings at the Express Boat Wharf. Now that would be worth cheering about. One do not have to wait for the Council or Sarawak Rivers Board or the Natural Resource and Environment Board to work this out. Well that's another story for our 'need for a government agency to organise a gotong royong' activity to clear this floating wastes'mentality. Looking forward to 2010 and more Gotong Royongs.


Monyet King said…
The stuff floating down Rajang is nothing compared to the crap that floats down the rivers in Semenanjung. One could die off poisoning by just jumping into the Klang or Prai rivers.

Happ New Year to you and all the Nadai Nama Nama readers.
John Goh said…
whoes responsibilities to clear up all that dirty wastes foating in Batang Rejang, our mother river??????
Tia said…
Happy new year to u n family!!!
nguong ping said…
i'm wondering what's the purpose of gov to play songs like 'sungai warisan pusaka'? we need practicality.