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Birthday Post Finally - Celebrations Non Stop

About a month ago, I turned 41 years old. I wish to thank all the well wishers ~ families, friends, colleagues, facebookers, forum members with whom I am a member with. I realise I am growing old - they say age is like wine, it tastes better over time. In the case of beer it tastes stale after you leave it in the open. Whatever, it has been a whirlwind of a celebration and its still ongoing. It is especially true for this blogging experience. As the web gets more complex and the bloggers get more sophiscated, trying to familiarize with the new exciting features can be a challenge.

Blowing Birthday candles with Shania in Kuching

So this post, though late, will be a simple one. I had attempted some minor revision to be made to Nadai Nama Nama blog as we approach 2010. Its just to suit the current change with Blogger's new features or probably the other advancements in the web world. Maybe also to enable me incorporate a new hobby in the form of photography as I had just purchased a simple DSLR camera. I tinkered a bit with the Control Panel and tried some new gadgets. Apparently I am no Internet Wizard. Everything went haywire from there onwards including this post which I intended to put up on my birthday (I can't seem to find the dates for publishing). And thus I wish to equate what had happened that one does not necessary grow wiser or cleverer with age. Experience ~ yes. How one applies that experience into skills to adapt to life's everyday task is another thing. I had to undo most of the things that I had changed, coupled with a few swear words.  Nah...I was not as curious as I was during my younger days. I would tinker with the problem until I find a solution even if I have to work till graveyard shift. Anyway I took time out during my birthday and just enjoyed myself with family and friends for a month. When one makes it this far, its something worth to shout about.

Ice Cream Birthday Cake in Kuala Lumpur trip

Priceless moments - Birthday celebration in Kuala Lumpur with family. Its not always one gets to be together like this.

Birthday Celebration in full Swing at Sri Aman with Thomas and Ben plus other friends who do not want to be near that Swing bottle

Birthday Celebration in Miri with Rumah Dayak Dot Com members and Facebookers where I was introduced to a rather exotic F & B outlet

Birthday Celebration and catching up with Paul Albert @ Pemancha the Rumahpanjai Dot Com Administrator at Bubba, Sunway Pyramid.

Dr. Bala of the famed Planet of the Monyets shared some Casino tips at a Subang Jaya Mamak Stall, before I headed for my Birthday adventures at Genting Highlands - his best tip was "99% of those who go to Genting lose money". It was an encouraging tip as the 1% chance of being a winner spurred me on. We had to forgo the red wine as I needed to be sober at the betting table the next day.

The fun goes on as Nadai Nama Nama attempts to adapt the new changes to be incorporated into 2010's Nadai Nama Nama image. Bear in mind that there may be some glitches with this website in the next two months, so bear with me. Cheers people.


Monyet King said…
I hope my gambling tip was useful.

p.s. Planet of Monyets is not very famed. Thanks for the compliment anyway.
headsteadi said…
Aiks ... you went to KL never contacted me?
Tia said…
what a wonderful celebrations u had for ur birthday!! with frens and loved ones

thats the way it shud be... ha ha