Lina's Day

Congratulations Lina

If anyone remembers my post on Lina, I happened to officiate their kindergarden's graduation. I am glad that the electricity which I was concerned about in that post has been connected two months ago. She will miss the computer classes though as the kindy has yet to be supplied with computers. With so many companies out there discarding their old computers, do consider donating them to the kindies out there. I have to thank SESCO for their speedy response to the connection.

My last post's picture: Lina's journey to school everyday for the past two years

Lina's Mum was not able to witness her graduation as she had sprained her ankle while collecting durians at the orchard. Lina had to make this journey on a taxi van from Munggu Tapang from Bukit Begunan with her elder sister. But I will be sure to pass this picture to Lina. I am sure she will do well. It was hard to get that smile from her in my earlier post. Lina if off to Primary School next year, so good luck girl!


Nimi Momo said…
i'm sure she'll feel very honoured if she read this post someday. hope we can see more of her in that attire in the future :D