MACC Profiling Me?

MACC Loves R & DO

It was a fun session we had while brainstorming with the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency (MACC) formerly the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA), while attending the Corruption Prevention and Awareness Seminar at Four Points Hotel Kuching last Wednesday. What was to come after the seminar was the newspaper headline and counter headline. Nadai Nama Nama again had a fair share of the report's rippling effect. After all I am part the Resident and District Office's team. We are the frontliners in the management and disbursement of funds and it had been pointed out by MACC that we were the source of the development fund's leakages. It became personal when my family members and readers sent in SMSes after SMSes asking if Nadai Nama Nama's silence was due to the fact that I could be in MACC's crosshair before this?

Borneo Post's report on MACC's affection for R & DO on 27th November 2009 and our Deputy Chief Minister's response on 28th November 2009

Alright I have to admit that Nadai Nama Nama's silence is mainly due to the Rancangan Malaysia Ke Sepuluh (RMK 10) or 10th Malaysia Plan preparations. Nothing more than that. As this is the most important part of planning in the Division at my R & DO Office as this determines what is in store for Sri Aman Division in the next five years or the next Malaysia Plans. This will be the time when the various departments open up their planning minds and drawing boards to bid for development projects. Failure to do so will mean haphazard planning which can open more opportunities for 'Kantauing'. With proper planning it would mean that there will be more development allocations for the Division. Everyone across the board will benefit from RMK 10 during the implementation year 2011 to 2015 ~ that includes the contractors? Oops......

Ehem...okay.... I am also looking at some new template and image as Nadai Nama Nama steps into 2010. I am currently experimenting with the internet now especially with the the many changes that have taken place. Hopefully that clears the air but thanks for all your concern. I did manage a smile when I recieve those SMSes as I knew you have my welfare at heart. That includes the MACC.

But then...... yes..... during the Seminar last Wednesday, the MACC first presentor (no names will be mentioned) revealed the profile of a person holding government office who would be most likely to commit corruption. Based on the past cases the three major factors are ~ one, if he is a womaniser, second, an alcoholic or drunkard and a gambler. Okay lets repeat that.... Women, Alcohol and Gambling.

Women and being a womaniser ~ but why zero in on the men only?

Alcohol ~ another reason to stop drinking

Gambler - at the Genting Casinos

Its a scary thought to know I fit that profile. MACC may already have me in their sights . Anyway it was an eye opener. I have been quite ignorant of what is going on out there especially the potential risks of being part of the development circle and always to be careful of what one signs. Many a times I had come across seemingly 'urgent' matters that requires you to sign a document immediately as it has to be submitted by 'today' so you would not have the chance to read the contents. There are a lot things I can share about the hazards of being an administrator in the division especially in the management of projects and its implementation. Gone are the days when one thinks that if you are not doing anything wrong, you can ignore those scary MACC officers. Why I say scary is because during the presentation two of the speakers have booming voices like Santa Clause's 'Ho Ho Ho' and one had a whispering tone. The whispering guy even showed us slides of some of the execution taking place in China for those who are found guilty of corruption. 'Shot in the head' he said with a gun gesture to his head - that's going to haunt me forever. Even Dr. Evil can't beat that. I hope he can be MACC Director one day. But to be fair, all of them are nice chaps and I am presently assisting them to look for an office in Sri Aman. I will not be able to avoid bringing them out for some Kopi 'O' during breakfast and that whispering guy will will look at me with his 'shot in the head' glance and 'bang bang' gun gesture. My oh my.


Hahaha...can i have that lady phone number? Hahaha...

Hopefully you are not one of them yeah?
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Read you article on MACC is very useful and very scary. Yalah because we directly involved in RM