Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Wishes 2009

Nadai Nama Nama wishes its Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya 2009. Due to the tight schedule, I am a bit late in putting up this post of wishing Selamat Hari Raya but at the moment Hari Raya wishes are still going on till the end of the month. Most of the kampungs in Sri Aman are still celebrating and house visiting especially among the childreng. As I had not got the chance to visit my colleagues last Hari Raya 2008, I made a point to go this year.

Selamat Hari Raya 2009 Deco at tHe Spring Shopping Complex, Kuching looks unique and creative. It is one of the shopping complex that care to provide this type of decoration for the festive season.

Raya Visits in Sri Aman

The Hari Raya celebration in Sri Aman is like any other Raya celebration one gets to experience if one is in a small town. The joy of Raya and the spirit of visiting from one house to the other is kept alive in the usual Malaysian tradition. I made a point to visit the Sri aman Resident Office staff this Raya and enjoyed the Sri Aman's folks perspective of Hari Raya. Unlike Hari Raya in cities or larger towns, the celebration here is mostly like a family affair - one do not get to go to large shopping complexes like those in Kuching, Sibu or Miri. The duit Raya will not be used for McDonalds, Pizza Huts and the likes as we only have Kentucky Fried Chicken in the town - and that is considered a rare treat already. Thus visiting from one house to the other is like going to a family house and you get treated like a family member there as most celebrants will be at home. Visitors get to see the children with their cousins or friends running about playing firecrackers and fireworks. One gets to see houses of all shapes and sizes and appreciate the decos they put in to ensure that it is a colourful Raya.

With Rozana and Omon at their house at Kampung Sembau Sri Aman

Awie with his daughters and nieces (cute matching baju Raya for two sets of twins) at their home in Kampung Hilir. That wooden express boat model is made when these boats were famous and are an important mode of transport used for travelling along the Batang Lupar River in the early years when roads were non existent.

Visiting Ossen at Kampung Hulu

Kak Rokiah's house at Pasir Panas near Kampung Hulu

Puan Jahani's house at Taman Siang

It was an enjoyable visit and I have to say the term 'mabuk oren' or drunk with soft drinks apply here as I gulped the colourful drinks being offered like a small kid. They do taste better during Raya it seems. There were various cake Raya which were as colourful as the drinks - especially the Kek Lapis (layered cakes). Its this time one gets to eat these cakes for free. Our visiting group grew as we went from one house to the other as I brought along those who I visited to follow me and I had a pleasant time as I am introduced to the many family members of our staff. In the spirit of 1Malaysia and Hari Raya Open House, I hope to make some more visits to the Ketua Kaum or Malay Communiy Leaders for the next few days. Selamat Hari Raya.


Tia said…
u know what.... it is an honour for a staff to receive a visitation from a boss....especially during festive season!! syok nye dapat boss macam u sir... ;)
Coffee Girl said…
:-) Bestnye beraya sakan! rumah org tua ya macam best jak