Happy Malaysia Day

Malaysia is 46

Today Malaysia is 46 Years Old. There is no fireworks, no celebration or grand affair. Just a simple note from our Right Honourable Prime Minister in his 1Malaysia Blog on his thoughts and also some statements from our leaders in the local newspaper. As a simple tribute to Malaysia Day I will have my own simple beer toast (I'll reserve the wine for Doctor Bala) and makan-makan session with the local community leaders tonight, grateful that this nation is at peace and is spared of natural disasters that brings calaminities to the other countries. The people in Sarawak lives in harmony and the only complaints one would hear from Sarawakian may be something related to everyday life like sugar shortages, non violent blockades or protests (orchestrated by outsiders), blackouts and water shortages, traffic jams. Other than that there is no violence that requires the army reserves to be called in. Its a significant Malaysian Day date indeed also as I am informed that the risky Nanga Klassen Primary School's hanging bridge will soon be replaced by a much safer I-Beam wooden bridge. The war here is to bring development where it is most needed and eradicate poverty.

Special thanks again should be accorded to the State Development Office of the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) Prime Minister's Department, the Chief Minister's Office, the local Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri for N. 27 Simanggang YB Datuk Francis Harden ak Hollis, Member of Parliament for P. 202 Sri Aman YB Tuan Masir Kujat, and the many Federal and State officers who have chipped in to make this possible. Without their support this would have not been realised. The challenge of development now would be to ensure the proper implementation of the bridge construction and see to it that it does not suffer any hiccups (from contractors who may be thinking of large margin profits only). Meaning, securing the funds for the bridge is just the start of the journey as in all other development projects that come into the Sri Aman Division. I call it good teamwork from the local representatives and leaders to the local and ordinary people who will be benefitting from the project. We do hear grouses here and there for other projects but lets work together be it a small project such as this SK Klassen bridge or a bigger project like the Sri Aman Hospital. This project, small as it may be, will put smiles on these little Malaysian faces and that is priceless too. Its time to roll up our sleeves now and work, and when we say work, it means working together and greater things can be achieved for our leaders cannot work alone - Happy Malaysia Day. To all Malaysians, this is how we do it in Sri Aman. Cheers!


Monyet King said…
You seem pretty cool about it... I am actually quite annoyed. All the mainstream newspapers in Peninsular Malaysia only allocated a small column in pages 20 or 30 about Hari Malaysia. No statements from any of the main political parties except for Gerakan and PKR.
It is actually scandalous that the Federal folks ignore this day. All of us should be pissed.
Doc...its a win win situaion I guess. As long as they give us the funds.... and my Federal counterparts (I thank those who remember) can allow me to tell those who forget Malaysia Day are J*ck&ss :)
jingpengboy said…
1. The national newspapers only cater to west malaysians.

2. Sarawak still needs lots of basic infrastructures eg proper concrete bridge to the school (and also the one in engkilili town), roads to kapit & bario, proper health care eg proper hospital for sri aman (well equipped with staffs and machines eg CT scanner & anesthesiology machines, we wont ask for MRI yet) Hopefully the federal government will pay more attention to sabah & sarawak the current governments fixed deposits. A four-lane kch-lawas highway will be a fantastic gift.
Pn Hamidah said…
Despite the differences and the diversity glad that we as Malaysians still maintain the spirit of unity and live in peace and harmony.Yesterday The Honourable Prime Minister himself has made a personal statement which was aired on prime news on his acknowledgement of the contributions that Sabah and Sarawak has made towards the building and development of the nation.
JP boy - agreed with you on all those. The Sri Aman Hospital was built in the time of british Administration before Independence even and has never been upgraded

Agen Hammy - Sarawak has been waiting for that recognition since it started the 10 years themed celebration ~ Sarawak 20 Tahun, 30 tahun, then 5 years themed 35 Tahun, 40 Tahun and 45 years themed celebrations. Finally the YAB Najib comes out to acknowledge it with a 'statement'. Are we 'lucky'....but well it shows we are patient :)