CSI - The Puppy

The Case of The Missing Slipper

The case started when our things outside the house started to go missing and the flower pots were being 'disturbed'. There was a likely suspect but we do not want to be too hasty without hard evidence. The CSI team has taught me to be observant with evidence. When the famed 'blue slipper' that went missing with my black stockings turned up in front of the house yesterday, it provided an avenue for some crime lab testing. It was observed that there were small bite marks on the slipper which is believed to be made by a 'canine' structure (age of a few months) judging by the depth of the bite marks. Black and white fur was also discovered at the scene of the crime which was run through CODIS. Unfortunately no match was found. We believed this was a first time offender.

The Interrogation

A black and white furry suspect - by the name of "Puppy" was interrogated with its mother (the bigger dog beside it)at the CSI Station. Click on the 'Play' button to see the interrogation and evidence gathered against Puppy.

According to 'Puppy' he has no idea of where my stockings and slipper was and he sounded convincing enough

Interrogation was held again the next day, this time "Puppy" was tired but still did not admit on anything to do with the missing stocking and slipper which was found at the vicinity of his domain. By the way Puppy was interrogated during 'Day Time' and no 'Night interrogations' are conducted.

The watchful eyes of CSI agent Shania managed to catch "Puppy" with the evidence. In other words, "Puppy" was caught red handed with the treasured 'Blue Slipper' and attempted to escape.

Justice Served

Puppy was unable to dispute the hard evidence against him and was sentenced behind bars for a time to be decided by the owner - who happens to be our next door neighbour.

Puppy learns that Crime Does not Pay, and is safely doing time. The CSI Team has done it again! Puppy will learn how to be a Good Dog. Justice is served. My poor slipper.


Tia said…
ini memang kes really die hard fan of CSI.......... ha ha ha. Cute lah!
Pn Hamidah said…
Interesting how the ever popular CSI series and interest in forensic science is actually in effect and kept alive here.Mind-tickling and creative as always.Keep it up. :)