In April

A Step A Day

The first two weeks of April went by like a blink of an eye. I thought last month's helicopter ride was the most memorable moment for March. It really did not stop there in the month of April. Truly it would have been ideal to be able to blog my experience while on the road. But I will have to make do with whatever existing technology that I armed with. Thanks to Mr. Udin the former Administrative Officer to Ybhg Tan Sri Abdul Aziz the former State Secretary who provided some advice in upgrading the office equipment (since I am using his notebook which was purchased 5 years ago). I hope to get a newer computer next month and I hope they will give me an Ultra Mobile PC but knowing the standard acquisition procedures getting one is near impossible. So here are some images for only some of the activities I was involved in and its not in any particular order.

YB Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu's helicopter was the same one I used last month

Usually field visits would involve several VVIPs like local YBs in the area - you tend to feel out of place if you are not familiar with the area and new faces. My memory for names and people is pretty bad (need to work on that!).

View Behind The Wheels

I figure in this job one will get to see a lot of steering wheels - if last month I get to see the helicopter steering wheels, this month its a land cruiser, a twin otter plane and a speed boat. We hopped from one end of the State in the Northern region and the Central Region, finally proceeding from Sarikei to Kuching by road last night.

Our Land Cruiser ride from Limbang to Lawas through Brunei

The Twin Otter ride to Tanjung Manis

The Speedboat Ride to Tulai, Bintangor

Don't forget the ferry ride (in Temburong, Brunei)

Our ground visits convoy would always consist of vehicles in all shapes and make - lining up while waiting to cross Batang Trusan in Lawas

Including the speedboat fleet that we use when places to visit are hard to reach areas - speedboats cruise along Batang Rajang, Bintangor River and Igan River

In company of experienced administrators. From left: Chai Moi Fong (former Sibu Resident), Michael Dawi (Sarikei Resident) and myself (apprentice speedboat driver)

From Lawas to KK: Rediscovering Sipitang - I managed to sample some memorable places in Sabah on my retrun from Lawas via Kota Kinabalu.

Accompanying Mr. Greg Harris of the Oxford Business Group who experienced what it feels to be a VIP in one of the official functions. He was invited to the VIP Stage during the Yasasan Sarawak Exellence Award officiated by YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu in Betong

Greg was an instant hit as the students from Sri Aman and Betong requested for autographs

Official briefings need not be conducted in air conditioned offices - here you will notice that our YB Datuk Amar State Secretary feels very comfortable with outdoor briefing - cute straw hats were handed out due to the hot morning sun

The senior officers enjoyed the lorry ride at the Tulai Padi Estate

The YB Datuk Amar State Secretary gets to experience padi harvest activity - we included this in our site visit to assess of Sarawak's potential as the next Jelapang Padi (rice bowl) of Malaysia

Improving Links and Connectivity

The sheer size of Sarawak means a lot need to be done to improve the connectivity between the Cities, Towns and rural areas. Though I said in my last blog that I would love for infostructures (internet connectivity) to come up at the same speed as the infrastructures, there has to be some priority in allocating the limited development funds. The participation of the private sectors are always welcome especially in the areas of air connectivity. Be it roads, bridges or air links - just bring it on without any delay.

Ferry service on Nyelong River - the ferries' days are numbered for reason that the Nyelong Bridge which is nearby will soon be completed. (Made enlargeable so that you can save it as it will not be there one day)

The almost completed Nyelong Bridge

The progress of the expansion of the Samarahan link Bridge along the Kuching - Samarahan Highway (click to enlarge)

MASWing launches its first inaugral flight from Kuching - Tanjung Manis - Kuching

The local dance performed by the Kuching troupe during Air Asia's Kuching to Jakarta and return launch

The dance from the Indonesian group

Air Asia Airplane model provides a pleasant view that you do wish that you can be behind the model

I figure that the famous reds need not refer to the Ferrari F1 Team, Manchester United or Liverpool Soccer Team. The red colour (I am not thinking of the ladies!) is always a beautiful colour.


Ruis Jugah said…
uchak, bisi sempat ngambi hp no indu airasia nya nuan? ni nemu nasib, tak ulih megai patong ti heginal kini kitai bai nuan, nya baru iya..hehehe
mr daddi said…
yeah..i like red devils...forever a devil..but i also like red h air stewardess serving in red uniform
Pemancha said…
aik nama ba dalam botol mineral water boss?
headsteadi said…
wah, nice man. i like jobs that has a lot of outdoors. unlike my current job which is 100% indoor, sitting infront of the laptop from 9 to 5. answering to emails, attending meetings and late night teleconferences.
The traveling man! Cool.

Dude, I am getting married. Wanna come to Penang for my wedding?
cyrildason said…
u travel so much.. isnt it tiring?