Blind Spots

April Full - My Schedule for April is Full

April is here and I have met a couple of Nadai Nama Nama readers along the course of my travelling schedules. I had to apologize to them for the lack of update here for the moment as I try to adapt to my new work schedule (or rather my boss's work schedule). I had never been good in arranging and organising myself and now it seems that I have to ensure that the Sarawak State Secertary's timetable is smoothly managed. Being in a sensitive position I have to be responsible also on what comes out in Nadai Nama Nama. Currently being a Government Servant and blogger at the same time is rather challenging and one has to know where to draw that line - which to cross and what not to say. Its quite lucky that I am even allowed to keep on maintaining Nadai Nama Nama and for that I am thankful. Consider it as some 'administrative' blind spot on Nadai Nama Nama's part.

The long road of development for Sarawak

Another blind spot that is so glaring is the connectivity problem in Sarawak in terms of Internet coverage. Call it what one may be it 'dialup access', Wireless Access, Broadband, 3G Access, 3.5G HSDPA and other bla bla blas. While travelling by road in the interiors of Limbang Division - or rather, the town areas of Limbang and Lawas an Internet Warrior (an alternative name for Internet Junkie) like me was deprived of good and reliable connection. It would have been good to blog while on the go but alas I forsee the road is still long for our beloved State. Which is why we need the Federal Government to pump in more funds for the much needed - not only the infrastructures like roads and bridges but also the infostructures. So let's hope that our YAB Prime Minister's visit two days ago makes this a reality. I do not really care about the politics of it - when I mix around with the rural kids they are so deprived of the Information Age knowledge and skills that their City cousins enjoy.

These kids in Trusan, Lawas are rushing home from afternoon school or tuition to catch the Ferry on the Batang Trusan River - I would say they would not be rushing home to play the Internet due to the Internetless nature of this area

The Prime Minister's plane has landed

Traditional welcome accorded - security inspection on that 'duku ilang' by a member of the PM's Security Unit.

I certainly could not hear what the YAB PM's Security Unit was saying to our Iban Warrior (though I would suggest they get a tougher and meaner looking guy next time) in traditional wear. But it could have gone like this:

Guard: Is that a real sword?
Warrior: Yes it is part of the traditional welcome outfit. Standard issue head hunting gear.
Guard: You know weapons are prohibited in this area especially for the YAB PM visit.
Warrior: Yes but its part of the welcome. You want me to dance with a plastic sword?
Guard: In that case I will have to watch over you when the YAB PM arrives.
Warrior: I think I am the least of your worry. The PM don't have to worry about my sword or my loyalty. After all we in Sarawak voted for him did we not?."

VIP Welcome accorded to the YAB Prime Minister

The President (YB Dato Sri James Jemut Masing) and His Parliament Man (YB Datuk Joseph Salang) - or shall I say Mr. Alexander Donald's President (this picture is dedicated to the Bintulu PRS Youth Branch President who called me up yesterday to stress a point)

YB Norah Tun Abdul Rahmanwith YB Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib

YB Datuk David Teng with the new Sri Aman MP YB Masir Kujat

Finally, the YAB PM has landed

It is my hope that the arrival of the YAB Prime Minster to Sarawak was not only to announce that Sarawak is the new Jelapang Padi (rice bowl) for Malaysia while he sorts out the various Barisan Nasional component parties in Sarawak but also to sort out the problem of Information Age gap in Sarawak. Since most well to do population are found in the urban areas are blessed with the state of the art connectivity we certainly do not want to link those living in the rural area to be classified as 'underprevilege in knowledge' too. But hey, I guess my thoughts don't matter as I am just a blogger. Since when have bloggers been taken seriously?:). Cheers!


Anonymous said…
jauh pejalai neh best travel belama, bisi travelling elaun.
Ruis Jugah said…
better tell the guard nyabor is much more deadly than the ilang - hehe.
Uchu Keling said…
The Internet Warrior is back!!!!!!!!!

Kuching International Airport provide free WiFi?

Yesterday, Melaka seek RM3.3b for road maintenance.. and err what is their size?

Over mid-term review, Sarawak is still taking the silence approach? Can we have RM4.3b for rural roads? Afterall, we have deliver 30 seats.
I think Sabah and Sarawak should ask for more ministerial post and also the more oil royalties for development.

You all have the PM by his balls. Seriously. You should negotiate to play ball after all it is in your court.

What is Taib MM doing..? Nothing..? Has the interior being developed economically and socially? Afterall these while that Sarawak has been under BN.
lol... nicely done... funny..