HSH Prince Albert II

A Sporting Royal Guest

Sarawak was honoured to have recieved a royal guest - His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco from 19 - 21 April 2008. His Serene Highness (HSH) arrived at Kuching International Airport and was accorded a grand welcome with traditional dance performance from the different cultural groups. In the evening the Prince was feted with a State Dinner Banquet. It is not often that Sarawak recieves royal guests from outside the country except for Prince Andrew, Duke of York. But he comes here on a working visit with a tight schedule and I guest . One seldom see them going outside their official schedule giving them a picture of being quite 'royal' about themselves. Unlike Prince Albert's visit it was totally different experience as he took the time to sample Sarawak's World Heritage site in a sporting manner - walking in the rain, dancing and enjoying what the Sarawak local custom has to offer. Most of all he enjoyed what Mulu National Park has to offer. HSH Prince Albert, a well known champion for the environmental cause, came to Sarawak introducing his Prince Albert Foundation, and in the same gesture Sarawak showed what we have done in nature conservation while trying to transform Sarawak into a Developed State. By comparison the Principality of Monaco is quite an advanced nation and so I can't really imagine what was in the Prince's mind before he touched down in Sarawak. Here are some photos that Mr. Voon (of Protocol Office) and myself managed to capture regarding our Royal Visitor's trip to Sarawak.

19 April: His Serene Highness Prince Albert II arrives in Kuching and recieved by the Deputy Chief Minister YB datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu and his wife Senator Sato Sri Empiang Jabu and the Minister for Tourism Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh our State Minister for Tourism

HSH Prince Albert experiences a traditional welcome

HSH Prince Albert II at the Sarawak Room at the Dewan Undangan Negeri before the State Dinner Banquet with the VVIPs

Sarawak presented the HSH Prince Albert II with a baby carrying bag made of beads

The Right Honourable Chief Minister of Sarawak gives a welcoming speech

The Sarawak Symphony Orchestra entertaining the VVIP guests

Sape player doing his thing

Traditional dance performances

20th April 2008: HSH Prince Albert arrives at Mulu Airport

HSH Highness was given a traditional welcome by the Mulu folks

A welcome drink as International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister YB Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan and YB Lihan Jok cheers HSH Prince Albert on

Arrival at the Royal Mulu Resort with our Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang and Mr. Robert Geneid

HSH Prince Albert proceeds to a hiking adventure

Walking with nature at Mulu National Park

Brian leading the way for the Royal entourage in the middle of the Mulu jungle

Did they see batman?

Launching of the Mulu Park Bat Cam by HSH Prince Albert - its like a webcam where you can see the bats in its natural surrounding

Introducing the Bat Man Icon - well its a Sarawak Bat Man anyway

The Mulu Park Bat Cam enables those who loves to watch bats an opportunity to watch bats in the caves via webcam technology - ermm...I won't say its an invasion of privacy for the bats because whatever animals do via the cam in nature is of biological value. Okay - this does not mean that if human beings do what is natural in the park in front of a cam (or without it) - it would be deemed illegal I think. You may be charged with indecent behaviour and exposure I believe - so if anyone still thinks that doing what comes naturally in the National Park - try not to get caught

Dinner time at the Royal Mulu Resort - welcoming the Prince

Some more interesting performance from the Orang Ulu community

The first time I see the Penans doing their traditional dance

End of dinner is always marked with the famous Leleng dance

Some 'gifts' for the HSH Prince Albert

21 April - A boat ride to Clearwater Cave/Wind Cave

HSH Prince Albert participated in a mini regatta along the way

Release of Fish Fries by HSH Prince Albert at Melinau River, Mulu

One for the album with HS Prince Albert

View of the Clearwater Cave

After that the HSH Prince Albert II tried to do some 'nyala' or fish catching with the guidance of our YB Datuk Patinggi Chief Minister. It was considered a private moment and no photos were allowed. Overall I believe it has been a very enjoyable trip for everyone. For me especially as this is my first time to Mulu so I have my own sets of pictures for the Nadai Nama readers. This particular posting i would like to keep it as official as possible. But anyway below is an interesting shot of the VVIPs during dinner that night and it shows what I mean by a sporting Prince.

Traditional Orang Ulu warrior dance performance by YB Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan

YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Jabu and his Iban warrior dance

And can we say this is the Monaco new dance to be brought back by HSH Prince Albert when he leaves Sarawak


headsteadi said…
steady betul itu prince. he's not so "royal" and mixes well with the commoners
Mizz Coki said…
wow.. dah tuai and chubby prince albert dah..ingat kelia ..leboh music award ya datai.... siap betempik jari sambil belagu.."it's al about the money, it's all about the dam dam dam di dam dam..." hehehehe.. enti udah anak artis.. sigi darah ya nang minat utai seni.
Anonymous said…
Uh hot Prince tuk, dah bisi anak luar nikah enggau pramugari Air France nya tapi anak ia enda ulih megai naik tahta ila. Tau kuntik kini? kui kui kui perasann
cyrildason said…
nice.. I seldom see VIPS actually doing our dance.. esspecially Malaysian VIPS.. respects to HSH Prince Albert II!!