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In my first New Year posting I had spoken of how the New Year crept in like a silent thief in the dark. 2007 ended with a bang and blast when former Pakistan's Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. Year ends have always made significant impacts on the news headlines:

The previous years have seen some like:

2004: Beslan Children Hostage Crisis
2005: Asian Tsunami
2006: Execution of Saddam Hussein
2007: Benazir Bhutto's Assissination

Most of them happening after Christmas and before New Years which always makes me think twice about reading news headlines in Decembers. Similiarly, this year, just as we were toasting to the New Year 2008 at twelve midnight, news of some high profile politician's adventure made headlines followed by his resignation today (2 Jan 2008). Huh? What a start to a New Year 2008 I told myself, a New Year I was looking forward to and well some revealing news like this pop up. The Minister as we all know who he is (I need not mention his name here) is one of the few Malaysian politicians who were at the peak of their careers who got caught with their pants down. I have been visiting blogs regarding the topic and I have to say its the hottest thing cramming the Malaysian blogospheres and also the chat channels. Though I do not have any idea what the video contents are, I believe there is no need to, I have to say I am caught off guard by the term used by the Minister to describe his co star and that is she was a 'personal friend'. Great.... it just spoils my day when I tried to decipher what he meant.

Having a few personal friends can land one in trouble now

I have to admit having a few, if not many personal friends but the new term 'personal friend' being used in the outgoing Minister's statement can land me in trouble now if it becomes a trend, as I have been telling my missus that my evenings out were mostly with personal friends. So when I use that term it means that whether gals or guys, they are friends that she would not know and can choose to join me or not. If its a common friend then its a different story - she will definitely join.

Privacy No More: The invisible eyes of technology - one has to be more wary of one's actions in public (or in a secluded place) if one is a public figure (or not) and hanging out with your personal friends

Where am I going with this blog entry - its just my personal observation especially famous last words by famous people. When a United States President at one time mentioned 'I did not have sexual relationship with that woman', it made me think what constitutes a 'sexual relationship'. In this President's case it had to do something with smoking cigars. He was lucky a that time because there were no CCTVs installed in the Oval Office and he even managed to keep his job. Now this ex Malaysian Minister cannot use that line because he was caught on video engaging in the act. He could have just resigned immediately without trying to explain anything. So whether the term 'personal friend' is an acceptable explanation and definition, now I will have to reevaluate my relationships as the word 'personal' seems to be a 'taboo' now when you talk in chat rooms. 'Do you wanna be my personal friend?'. I definitely would not want to have a Personal Assistant (PA) one day, unless she's hot like Paris Hilton. So if a girl approaches you now and says 'Lets get personal', wow, should I frown at her and consider that statement as being suggestive? It could become a personal problem, but its worth it if its Paris Hilton again. I will wait until this event settles itself lest I have to find a new term when I need to go out for my Happy Hours sessions. Me: 'Honey, I am going out with so and so'... Wife: 'Is she your personal friend?' Me: What do you mean... Argh... errr...ummmm... personally, yes....but not in the personal kind of way... (and it will spoil your Happy Hours mood trying to convince her).

But it has its positive side somehow, especially for those who needs good pick up lines for courting Malaysian ladies. Would you like to be my 'personal friend?' How about having a 'personal bodyguard?' Romantically you can say 'I have personal thoughts of you'. That should work if you do not get a slap in the face. Looking back I should say, its going to be a great year - that's my personal point of view.

Just a fun song - Masih bole tahan woo...


All men are fallible. At least he has the guts to say he is sorry, resign when being asked to, and then admit his mistakes.

Unlike some people who blow people up and then use a fall guy to take the shit.
Serenity said…
He should have resigned immediately and not wait for the people & the presses' poll percentages to decide for him. Furthermore, this is not the time for him to be making sarcastic comments. It just made him look so insincere in his apology. He might call certain quarters for being hypocritical but he certainly is an arrogant fool when he said: "My biggest mistake was that I stayed in the hotel and in the same room for convenience. Next time, when you stay in a hotel, good luck to you." My goodness Datuk, apologize and shut up already!
Gette said…
Hey Desmond, been trying to get in touch with you. Email me at tarlia[AT]
Elsa Gabriel said…
I really want to watch the action...ermmm..the datuk wit his personal fren ; time, go oversea...