January Notes

Low Yat - The Place to Be

Another time another place, as I had mentioned in my last blog. Crossing over South China Sea for the first time this year to attend another important event I managed to hop over to my shopping paradise in Kuala Lumpur - Low Yat Plaza. Being a gadget lover I do feel that this is the ultimate place to shop. My wife will never understand why I can spend hours here oogling at what technology's latest has to offer. Well, let's put it this way - I will never understand why women like to spend hours at shoe stores and boutiques so I think its fair to say we are even. Unless you want to add hair and facial salons of course. Low Yat is a combination of all these places for me and I can go without food (or beer) just by staring at the different gadgets there wondering what it does and why it is better than the other. Let's say its an unexplainable phenomenom so don't bother me - just go ahead with your shopping. I hope my daughter will take after me one day so I have the excuse to come here everytime I drop by in KL.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport has bigger planes than Kuching's

Low Yat Escalators: its about Creativity - the Colour of Love, Energy, Luxury - yes its all about Printers. Miss Universe can pass me by here and I would not notice unless she appears in a Gadget Magazine!

Low Yat Plaza Decos on the latest Gadget Power! Also the feel of Chinese New Year approaching soon!

The scene at Bukit Bintang with all those lovely red lanterns
Impressive Bukit Bintang Local Artists practicing what they do best - I have to say he is quite good as the caricature almost looks like the person. My suggestion to him would be to get a gadget at Low Yat to capture the man's features, transform it using a software to black and white etc etc...what a gadget artist like me would be doing to save time.

Oh well, gotta finish my shopping list and prepare for the Monday Assembly with our beloved Prime Minister tomorrow. Catch you all later people.


Ruis Jugah said…
selalu busy utai dia you...did you drop by cc?
headsteadi said…
bro. next time u come down to KL, buzz me laa. Can meet up for beer.
cyrildason said…
my fav place... Low Yat!!