Congrats Jeff & Deb

Enjoying Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey's Company

After recieving the invitation card from Debbie last month I managed to grab time to attend the dinner. It was a dinner I almost missed due to different functions falling on the date - but luckily not on the same time.

Ketua Masyarakat Seminar in Santubong Resort, Kuching

Prior to the wedding dinner I was making preparations for my Department's involvement with the Ketua Maysrakat and Ketua Kaum Seminar in the Santubong Parliament constituency at the invitation of Member of Parliament YB Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi on that same Saturday. So when friends started pouring in on Friday from everywhere - it also meant the drinking sessions have already started. I would not say that I am proud to have survived the Friday 'bottoms up' sessions of Vodka, Bacardi, langkau and beer, after that make the final preparations for the presentation into the wee hours of Saturday morning, drove to the office for printing the hard copies and proceed to Santubong Resort for the Seminar.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Rigby about to enter the Grand Ballroom

I must have been living Jack Bauer's day of the famous television series '24' that day as I rushed from Santubong Resort as each minute was precious along that 45 km distance to Kuching. I almost gave up when the traffic began to build in the City but nevertherless I reached home, took a quick bath and drove with the family to the wrong hotel at first (the after effects of being deprived of sleep I guess). I have to thank Angeldragonphoenix for reserving the seats at Hilton. And in the nick of time I managed to catch the lovely couple as they were about to enter the ballroom for their grand entrance. After that the fantabulous actions started with speeches, toasts, drinks, singing and dancing and the presentation of gifts from the bride's father to his son in laws and grandson.

Group photo session with Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey at our table during the wedding drink session

The guests grooving to the music

The wedding dinner's 'official' poco-poco group performing their dance on stage

The unofficial poco-poco group perfoming their dance on stage at the direction of The Little Iban Warrior Colonel (Rtd) Linus

The unofficial poco-poco group can be renamed VVIP poco-poco group

It was certainly a fun filled evening. Starting off the new year 2008 with a wedding dinner signifies a good year ahead, a symbol of everlasting love. I realised i had gone the whole day without food until I drank the red wine and the relatives started distributing the 'wedding drinks', in fact there were many 'wedding drinks' - ermmm... let me correct that...there was a bunch of wedding drinks. I could say I was not in pretty good shape when I started getting talkative and my feet starts beating to the 'poco-poco' music that night (coz I don't know the dance steps at all).

Catching up on Christmas & New Year drinks with YB Alexander Nanta Linggi and Gerald Rentap Jabu

I have to thank Debbie for the evening (and drinks) as it took out the stress of the day. It makes me think how fast time flies as I got to know Debbie when she was just a teenager in secondary school. Yeap... its definite I am growing old. The dinner guests were all familiar faces, families, relatives both on my side (from Kapit and Sibu) and my wife's side (from Miri) and long lost personal friends that made the evening meaningful and shorter as we tried to catch up on lost time. To sum things up, its was a fun dinner event and it was hard trying to figure out who. Being a creative lady I am sure we can expect more photos and news of the event from Debbie in her blog soon.

Thanks for the fun Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & family and Congratulations from me & my family


Mizz Coki said…

Only Chantique and u managed to attend Deb's reception. I can't make it as we're celebrating the birthday of the Januaries - my apai, my brother and my nephew. Pat Asiana and Amy also can't make it too.

How I wish all of us there, siap nuan ditarit bala kami bejugit..hahahahah..
Anonymous said…
thank you for coming..pleasure to have you guys around..
Anonymous said…
Selamat pengantin Baru/Lama ke Deb and Jeffery, arap bahagia akhir hayat and bulih maioh junior, . meriah mat reception Deb apuu bisi pantang ba rekong, amat sigat keling nya, untung amat Deb bulih laki nemu begaya nya.
gkvaener said…
I don't know how you do it, but living like Jack Bauer is really class...
take care ...
Work hard(smart) and enjoy harder!!!
Isssh, rugi asai aku enda ampit enggau orang rami!
Ruis Jugah said…
rindu meda orang poco poco ba stage, manah amat budaya tu..