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How much do you remember of your early education? A significant part of one's life is influenced by those early years of education be it in primary or secondary. I dare to say that for most of us the most important time for those who were in my time were when we sat for our Form 3 and Form 5 examinations. I attended Sacred Heart School, Sibu both in the Primary and Secondary school. Talking about classmates, I have to confess that being in a class of 40 to 45 people, there are some you would tend to forget after almost more than fifteen years. Some of your schoolmates may remember you more than you remember them. So its only when you meet one another after a long period that the 'memories' are played back over and over again. And there would be surprises - some would be good news and some sad news. Its only then you know life is fragile. Being one of the top School in Sibu at that time means that Sacred Heart is the School where your parents want you to be in' rather than 'the school you preferred to be in'. Which is why I am always envious of those in the Methodist Secondary School Sibu - basically maybe because Sacred Heart was an All Boys School, I always wondered where the girls were.

Sibu Sacred Heart Alumni (2007/2008) Committee Members

I recently became part of the Sibu Sacred Heart Alumni Association (Kuching Alumni). I had declined to be part of the commitee several times before due to my more pressing official duties. After being invited again by my former classmate, I decided to give it a try - not because of less work! I told myself that its time to give back to the School. I met my previous Headmaster, Brother Albinus during one of the Alumni dinner and he was still drumming the idea of giving the less fortunate better access to education and initiating 'tuition' centres for the underprevileged. I cannot imagine, after all those years his spirit to lend a helping hand never waivered. Usually I would shy away from any associations for reason which I mentioned - the lack of time. Why I said yes to the outgoing 2006/2007 members, I have to go back into the time capsule - turning it back to twenty three yeras. In one way of another I was very grateful for what Brother Albinus has done during his tenure as the Headmaster then.

It was in 1984, after I sat for my Form Three Lower Certificate of Examination (LCE) - I was at a crossroad. I needed to make a decision to opt for Science Stream or Arts Stream. I had a fairly good result and with it, the choice of going into Arts Stream and Science Stream was purely mine. During the selection of classes I was bent on following my friends who mostly opted for the Arts Stream.

Four Science One Class of 1984

Most had good results too but then one has to decide what subject areas one is comfortable with, be it the Arts subjects or Sciences. For me my choice was simple at that time. Not much thought was being put into what career I want to pursue. It was 'happy go lucky' time and you choose where your friends go. The word 'Science' at that time was very scary itself. When I looked at those who opted for Science Streams - my acqaintances with them that time was that they were the bookworm type - always carrying their books around, wearing thick glasses. They would rather skip soccer, sports and worst - when you talk with them, they won't talk about girls! Furthermore, being an urban school at that time, most of the Science stream students were comprised of top grade Chinese students - so language sometimes was a problem. Which was why I leaned more towards the Arts Stream in the first week.

Five Science One Class of 1985

During the first few days it was fun as I did not see any Mathematics and Science subjects in my class timetable - only Modern Maths. I am not scared of the subject, its just the teachers. Most of the Maths teachers at that time were the 'fierce' teachers - I guess that was not the correct picture coz when I met them during Alumni dinners, they are as pleasant as can be. Probably they needed to maintain the reputation to 'force' their students under their charge to study. So let them torture those Science side guys! Unfortunately the honeymoon was not to be forever. I think Brother Albinus spotted me as we were lining up during one of our Assembly before going into class, he suddenly pulled me from the Four Arts One line and put me in the Four Science One line up. just took one second to change my destiny. I did not want to say much also because Brother 'Abai' as all of us know him always has the final say.

Those were the days - my Sacred Heart buddies: (From left): Robert Angkah, unamed, Azlina Aziz (thanks LB), Richard Tajan, Henry Menga and yours truly

At that time my journey in the Science Stream began. It was a journey of new discovery - Physics, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics were really new subjects which I felt uncomforatble with at first. Biology was my only strength. But the funny things we did at the School Laboratory mixing different chemicals, seeing them change colours and dissecting frogs and worms, tossing around radioactive materials and create famous 'Explosion' caused by Sodium mixed with Water experiements (which is H2O + Na in Chemistry lingo) managed to sustain my interest. I also managed to make new friends with those future scientist classmates who taught me that nothing was impossible if you work hard - and everything is lumped into theories and hypothesis. The formulas and probabilities of Mathematics managed to seep through my thick lazy brain. If you are in the Arts side, you would say to a girl you like 'I Love You, Only You and No One Else but You'. If you are in the Science Side you would tell the girls "Let's find out if we are meant to be for one another, analyse our feelings and deduce if we are in Love'. I guess the girls will fall for the Arts guy leaving us Science wierdos with our dissecting knives, cutting the reproductive organs of frogs. Anyway, its something that I am grateful for - and to give back to the School for what it has given me - An Education, A Chance to be better equipped at Life and the Never Say Die attitude.

In the company of Alumni Gentlemen and Sacred Heart Icon - Brother Albinus. Next to me on the left is 'Linus' aka The Little Iban Warrior, Peter Seo (President of the Alumni), William Wei (Housing Developer's President and Roland Ling who is KTA (Sarawak) Director.

I hope to contribute as much as I can to the Alumni since it is going to celebrate its 20th Years in Existence come 19th October 2007 at Sarawak Club. Going through the members list I have to say, there is really a lot of catching up to do. With neverending stories from heroes like Lt. Colonel (Rtd) Linus (Little Iban Warrior) and Col (Rtd) Fabian Wong(The soldier who avenged a friend), dinners are always something to look forward to when we listen to their adventures. To my ex Sacred Heart Classmates reading this - join our Facebook for Sacred Heart Alumni of 84 - 85 set up by Hii Chang Kee. He has sent you all the invitation emails. To Alexander Watson Donald (Public Bank Bintulu) who keeps SMSing me his comments regarding my blog - one more sms about Bintulu and 'budak hingus' from you and I will put that photo of you from the 80s on my blog - oh wait - look you are in our class photos:)


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haha..i think you miss the best part of the school days where people like us in rosli dhoby school have mixture of boys and girls in the school/class. boleh mejeng... said…
Ex 4 science 4 here ^_^