Return of the King

The King Arrives

The Closing of Merdeka is over already before I even started. I was about to begin a major assignment for the Merdeka Cosing but I believe the strict work regime I put myself through has caught up with me. It started with an itchy throat and now its turned cough and flu. However I did manage to catch a few photos of our Royal Couple when their Highnesses touched down at the Kuching International Airport on 10th September 2007. The last time His Highness was here, they were attending the Gawai Closure event a few years back, represnting the King at that time. But now His Highness returns as the King.

The Royal Transport - shiny and grand indeed

The VIPs were ready to recieve our Royal Couple

The Royal Couple's jet plane touched down at 11 a.m sharp

The Royal Couple descended down the plane to the eagerly waiting and enthusiatic crowd

His Royal Highness was feted with various cultural performances

The friendly King - His Highness went on to shake hands with the mother whose child was sound asleep. Though she was wearing yellow (I believe we do not really know the protocol with regards to yellow as the Royal Colour), I believe His Royal Highness did not mind - but I would have to take this matter up during the upcoming post mortem meeting.

I decided I would not be covering the Merdeka Closing at the Stadium due to my health. On top of that, it has been raining and I don't have a weather proof camera. My little girl's also down with fever so i will spend time with her and watch the Closing ceremony on television with a glass of hot chocolate in hand. And there is CSI New York's Final Season. I was told that Detective Mac Taylor is doing a Die Hard version of CSI for the season's closure. So Happy Merdeka Closing everyone - Puasa Month comes soon :)


Anonymous said…
Kasih ya nehh..akhirnya jatuh jua seorang kaki traveling ehekkk..;)

Hope u recover soon n write more huhuhu..;p
aku orang biasa said…
kini tunga ia labuh tuk ahh..
Wah... nice car!
Anonymous said…
ApaiUmbart, nguji nuan nanyak org ya ka labuh nyak..;p