Blog Pruning

Weekend Activity

With the boss on an overseas trip recently I discovered that I have cleared my 'In Tray' and suddenly have this extra time to do some meaningful work of refreshing my blog.

The first thing I would be looking at will be the links with which some are really outdated. The list is growing and some of my buddies who link back to me are asking me to link back to them. So I have to delete those that don't link back here. If anyone gets 'cleared' accidently just give me a tinker :)

Blogpruning Activities don't need a big committee to execute. Just a click of the mouse will do.

I got myself a couple of widgets that I want to experiment with. Looking at those new blogs with the new designs, I will see if its suitable for this Nadai Name. I try my best to make this portion of the blog to be free from advertisements. In other words, Nadai Nama Nama is supposed to be an Advertisement Free Blog - not 100% though. Its like driving along the Kuala Lumpur Highway where you get to see all those Big Billboard signs. Some are quite eye catching but some are very annoying. Drive along Kuching Highway, you will see minimal advertisements on large billboards like those. There will be a sense of adventure and one gets to ask questions like "Where are they hiding those Billboards?" Your kids will be jumping up and down in the car pointing to the tiny billboards along the road as if they have just seen an extinct dinosaur. Yes...driving along Kuching Road or Sarawak Highway is indeed an adventure. Not only there is a lack of billboard, even the road signs are not enough. This adds to the adventure. If you do not believe me, try driving to Limbang from Kuching without a map (on condition you seldom drive along Sarawak Roads). One wrong turn and you will discover yourself in Kalimantan, Indonesia!

Since some of my colleagues are still struggling to create their own blogs like Apaienduq, Apaiumbart and Julin - and Arin tagging behind. Sometimes they tell me 'I want what you have on your blog'. So to make my life easier its better I make this one plain and simple and hide those cool and hot widgets.

Flying over KL Highway - one billboard for every 200 metres

Those websites that have their own tags and with which I am a member I will link that. For blogs I visit probably I will put it in my Fun Blog which I have yet to reconfigure when I moved servers. I have a backlog of those places I have visited and fun outlets where I made a fool of myself so it could land in that blog. Yeap...I have to make the Nadai Nama blog "Desmond Oriented" - a virtual representation of my good side while the evil part will go the 'Fun' blog. A Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde thingy. Hehehehe..... nah...I wouldn't be that extreme. Its just a nice thought. Some of the readers have been trying to persuade me to put in some 'extra information' - those juicy portions of Sarawak Politics but hey, which is why they will always get an answer - they will get "nothing"..hehehe....coz I don't know anything. Some who requests that it should be made into a travelling information blog especially about Sarawak as most of my job involves travelling the whole length and breadth of Sarawak, let me think about it - maybe it would go in my Fun Blog too.... but to tell you the truth when I travel I have to look 'official' and not outdo the picture snapper reporter next to me. I had a bad experience during the King's visit last month. In going for the best shots, it seems that the reporters from the different news dailies were at each others' throat trying to get the best picture. Swear words were thrown at one another - gosh!! I don't think I want to be with that circle. Nope...Nadai Nama Nama will maintain its role as my online diary for my cyber scribblings - Its still going to be about Nothing. I hope my Alumni buddies who keep poking me in Facebook - get your own blogs dudes! So cheerios people... :) Happy Weekend!


Coconut Ice said…
I rmbr when I was much much younger, my family would take a road trip from Miri to Kuching (where my grandparents stayed). It was really an adventure, one of the things that I really remembered was driving down a bumpy, unlit & untared road with nothing but kelapa sawit plantations at either sides
Iced Nyior said…
oh that was me earlier...used the wrong email add :P