Nyengai DA Margaret

More on the late Datin Amar Margaret

Tonite is the third night and the family of the late Datin Amar Margaret has made the final arrangements for burial tomorrow. So tonite would be considered nyegai in Iban - which is the final night before burial. Relatives, friends from all over converged at Datuk Amar Linggi's residence tonight to say that final farewell. More pictures to share as below:

Picture of the late Datin Amar Margaret in her younger days

Memories Album and pictures were placed on the table a the entrance

Wreaths from well wishers all over

Crowds that night comprise of people who came from different parts of Sarawak

Some of the relatives came from outside Sarawak

The scene from outside the master living room

The scene along the open hallway

Food for the guests that night was aplenty

And the drinks - Jonas seems to be having two here?

YBs forget their differences during this sad occassion. Its time to pay their last respect to the late Datin Amar Margaret who has done much for the community.

Will see if I can get more pictures during the Church Service and Burial later.


Uchu Keling said…
Thanks for sharing. Its spelt as "nyengai".
Rentap said…
Thanks for sharing. I think the spelling should be nyenggai'.It comprises of 2 syllibles; 'nyeng' and 'gai'.The apostophe ' is to accentuate the silent 'k'.
GerubiTuai said…
Deepest condolences nuju sida sebilik on behalf of bala kitai Iban ti diau di menua tasik specially bala ti laun ampit sempat ninga berita ti sinu bakatu.

Kasih amai neh..agi biak amai.
LimpyFrog said…
Deepest Sympathy nuju bala sida niang Margaret sebilik. Arap ke semangat niang Margaret diau dalam selamat Tuhan.