Funeral - Final Part

The Final Destination

The journey to Nirvana Memorial Park took about 40 minutes exactly. There was a long convoy going accompanying the van-hearse from St. Joseph Church. My car's air conditioning suddenly stalled that hot afternoon and it was the hottest 40 minutes drive I have experienced. My passengers, Anthony Banyan and Matthew Layang were sweating profusely. But when we arrived at the place we forgot about the wet clothes as we were to awed by the size of the Nirvana Memoral Park.

The entrance to the Nirvana Memorial Park.

Condolences wreaths lined the cemetery area for the late Datin Amar Leonard Linggi Tun Jugah
When I reached the place - about 50 stairs up and gasping for air, the coffin was ready for burial.

The immediate family members were there

And so too the VVIPs

The Priest performing the blessing

And the Nirvana Memorial workers perform the burial

Flowers were given as a final farewell sign from family members and visitors - I manage to snap Mr. Nicholas Bawin there

The workers start putting the slabs to close the resting place for the late Datin Amar

.....until the final one is in place.

The plastic and cement is next....

And after the cement has been applied, the lighting of candles by family members....

...and lighting of candles by VVIPs mark the final farewell.

As we left the Memorial Park, with the breath taking view as the background, plus the sunburn I got from the hot sun, I could not help feeling sad. I had not known life can be so fragile when I was a young kid, but after a few funerals similiar to this one, it makes you think and think and think. There is a beginning and there is an end. The most important thing that matters is what happens in between. How you live your life with what you have try to make the best out of it. Though I have not known the late Datin Amar that well, the words of her daughter Serini, at the church means a lot to many people.... "She was a Mum, Indai, Anak and Ini to a lot of people". Again I offer my heartfelt condolences to the Datuk Amar Linggi Tun Jugah and his family for their loss. My blog shares the sadness with the family members and friends. I thank all for those who have given their comments in the blog and also the family members (thanks for your emails) who read this blog outside Kuching and also overseas. Many times I have said that I will let the pictures do the explaining as I do not want to put into words how the four exhausting sleepless days went as everyone had done their part and my blog has done its part also. Usually I would be a busy body at the ongoing Dewan Undangan Negeri Meeting. Thank you once again and God Bless.


Uchu Keling said…
Excellent documentation. May her soul rest in peace. Err.. how much does that funeral cost?