Funeral - Part 1

Leaving Meligai Ricketts/Maxwell

This particular post for Datin Amar Margaret's funeral will be divided into three parts. Part 1 will be on the late Datin's family gathering for the final prayers before they leave for church. She will be leaving the Meligai Residence at Ricketts/Maxwell Road for the final time. Part 2 later on will focus on the Church Service at Saint Joseph.

The morning of 23rd November 2006 was a different scene at Meligai. It was quite a hot morning when I reached the place. Preparations were underway to carry on with the church service at St. Joseph Church Kuching. Some pictures to follow that final journey taken by the late Datin Margaret and the family.

Meligai Residence

The coffin wrapped in Pua Kumbu

Relatives wore black to mark the morning

The Cross that will follow the coffin

Family members praying before the coffin is taken out

Blessing by the Priest

Former Senator Janggu and John Baring Linggi takes off the pua kumbu

Nirvana Memorial Workers taking the coffin

YB Alexander Nanta Linggi overseeing the workers who were carrying the coffin

The Coffin in the Nirvana Memorial Van - Hearse

The Van-Hearse leaving for the Church

The convoy of family cars follow the Van Herse to St. Joseph's Church

Part 2 and Part 3 of the Funeral will be coming soon while I pick the photos for publishing.


Andrew Ho said…
Apai Salleh said…
waiting for pt 2 and 3
Hello Desmond..I stumbled upon your blog and I congratulate you for doing a great job on Datin Linggi.Thank you for sharing it others.

I received news from my family in kuching a day after she passed on and saddened by it. Datin was a great lady.

Please convey my condolences and deepest sympathy to Uncle Datuk Linggi and his family next time you see them. They are in my prayers.

Thank you.
Nancy Kompler(formerly Nancy Gramong)
Correction on my post - "thank you for sharing it with others"