Welcome: Revived Nadai Nama Nama Blog

Howdy there peeps. Thank you for dropping by my humble blog entitled Nadai Nama Nama. This blog used to have its own unique url address. As the name implies its a blog About Nothing really. It has been inactive after a few false starts over the past five years. Also it is only for anyone's reading if the subject is of the reader's interest. I blog not to please anyone, just a sincere observation which I turn into a story. I have attempted to migrate from the Blogger platform (out of anger) after I lost many of my photos stored in the original blog. Its my fault probably for not reading the changes and instructions. Like how the Google+ is being phased out till April 2019, it would be wise to save any information now if you have been relying on the platform all this while. I thought I was clearing photos from my hard disk to save space, only to realise the photos were those of my blog. Then there was this case where I was changing my web host and forgot to backup. That too disappeared and the rest is history. Losing all those photos was indeed bad as I had put a lot of work into it. To add salt to the wound the external hard disk I saved my images and data decided to die on me. Almost 1TB of materials gone. Though I did recover some at a cost with recovery software bought online. So it will answer any reader's query as to why some of the posts here are missing some images. In 2017 I temporarily shifted to Wordpress with a blog entitled Desmond's Digital Journey  or DDJ, but that too disappeared when I downgraded my web hosting package. Anyway that blog had only a few postings so it was less painful. I did not go on to pursue DDJ as I had originally planned to enable me share the digital transformation Sarawak is going through. Anyway, since most of the proposals are still at exploratory and preliminary stage there was not much I could share. No regrets there.

Well, lessons learnt and its part of adapting in this digital era. The new word to learn now also is 'disruption'. Nonetheless it has been a great journey as I was never good in IT. All that I have learned now was self taught through sharing of knowledge and reading instructions from other bloggers. Which was why I appreciated this form of knowledge sharing and informal 'education'. Now that I am in my 50s I should be slowing down in this experimentation with apps and software. Internet connection during my time was the dial up version so just creating blog posts was a pain. I do miss that 'ping' sound though. But I kinda hate the slow speed and constant disconnections that time. With the recent  improvements in internet speed and stable connection nowadays I should be happy but another challenge emerges as age decides to make your eyesight blurry that typing on the keyboard and trying to focus on the screen is becoming a struggle.

So now I am back to familiar ground in coming back with Blogger. That was what most of my friends called me also (The Blogger) after the meet up with the social media friends of the former Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib on 13th March 2010. The Star reported the Jamuan 1Malaysia with Najib session and you can read about it in that link. Anyway this experience was not that pleasant for me after I returned to Sarawak as I had not expected the perils that come with sitting next to Najib. The hate comments I receive were really unexpected and this culture was new to me. It was then I was made aware about the ugly side of blogging as opposing bloggers try to thrash one another. Reading them makes you feel that its actually World War One's trench war. This form of virtual fist fight (aptly named by some as war of perception) does not seem to be going anywhere. That is sad to know since I blog for fun I think it should not stop me from sharing stories that come from the heart. Which is why I keep coming back to revive my blog.

Anyway that is past now. We are not growing any younger and each and everyone of us have our own goals in life. Being 50 years of age one has to appreciate the love and wisdom that has brought us this far. Always think positive. I have seen some of my close friends and colleagues who have left this world earlier. Its not worth it if we let someone spoil our life just because they do not like what we do or what we believe in. 

So what better way to celebrate the revival of my Nadai Nama Nama Blog while at the same time review my past postings one by one. Some I may have to delete completely if I cannot retrieve the photos for the post.

For the new postings I will go easy on the readers. My postings will be non toxic, sugar free and with zero calories. I hope those who stumble across my stories, just leave it at that after reading. It is because its about Nothing Really. 

Nadai Nama Nama