Going Google

There is a start for everything. After much assessment on the direction of this blog I have decided to be more focused, be it in terms of hosting or publishing. Since I am opting to stick with Android smartphone (I stuck with Blackberry at first but they too turned to Android and eventually left the smartphone scene), and as we know handphones now are an extension of modern mankind, it is only logical I fallback to Goggle for my one stop solution. Goggle has actually improved itself over the years, offering so many options to choose from. Just because I thought I could save a few ringgit by selecting cheaper options (hosting, domain, storages) which almost resulted in the destruction of this blog. I believe some quarrel with their Adsense team also added to the decision that time when I discovered some unauthorised charges made to my account. After exploring other service providers and experimentation with other applications, it is only right I come back to familiar ground.

So here I am salvaging whatever is left of my past posts while making new discoveries with Goggle. Let's just hope Goggle does not disappoint me. Which is why I chose this photo of an almost completed Bark Park in August 2019. Just to remind me how scattered things are in this world and the struggle to organise it to something comprehensible. So lets go and Just Do It.