Cycling Event

On 6th August 2022 I managed to restart my cycling activity during a  Keluarga Malaysia (Fun Ride Penjawat Awam) event which I was invited to attend. Any opportunity to exercise is always welcome in any of my list of activities. The event was of course comprised of VVIPs from the State and Federal agencies.  The big brass from Putra Jaya (Ketua Setiausaha Negara)  together with our State Secretary led the group,  which also means one has go cycle at their pace.  That was fine by me as I would not be able to join any  competetive cycling events and this feels more relaxing. Furthermore our group had the benefit of security escort.  Thanks to the Police (PDRM)  and the Kuching North City Hall (DBKU)  traffic wardens team.

Overall it was an emjoyable ride.  It is recommended for those who feel jogging is a bit taxinfmg or much of too high impact for their aging legs (especially mine). This activity (cycling)  is picking up in Kuching especially with many specialised bicycle shops opening up. On my part I try to have a variety of exercise activities so that I do not get bored concentrating on one only.

So lets go guys and gals. Keep those hearts pumping and stay healthy.