My Beautiful Malaysia: Kuching

The Fourth Agenda

The weather was fine in Kuching for the launch of the My Beautiful Malaysia Event this morning which was held at the Kuching Integrated Recreational Centre (KIRC). During his launch speech the Prime Minister spoke of the Fourth Agenda which is considered an important component of the country's development thrust as it takes into account the social aspect ~ so that it can be parallel with physical development. The Chief Minister in his earlier speech touched on engaging Sarawak's younger generation to spearhead this agenda as their idea matters, especially on those related to community development.

Kuching is one of the 350 plus locations for the launch of My Beautiful Malaysia. The event started with some performances by the youths IM4U Choir group, launching speech, followed by tree planting activities and officiating of the KIRC by the Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Overall it was quite a 'happening' event with exhibition by the army which proved an attraction for the youths. For me also, it brings back good memories as I met up with my two bosses in Sri Aman here. Like me they are serving in Kuching now. Mr. Bujang Budin, one of the event's main coordinator (Ministry of Social Development now)was my District Officer in Sri Aman and Mr. Abdul Rahman Sebli was my Resident in Sri Aman (now Resident of Kuching).

Then there was YB Minister for Natural Resources and Environment Dato Sri Douglas Uggah who I remember always kept me on my toes in Sri Aman as he was the Federal Minister in charge for election pledges (April 2010 Election)in the State. As the Deputy Resident (Development) at that time we have to be the enablers for these projects and hand in hand with the Resident do the best for the Division. We have to identify the red tapes which can hinder development in the Division and basically link the various implementing agencies to overcome inter departmental hurdles. So it was good meeting the Minister again and he and his wife got to plant a tree this morning. Which is why I am in agreement with the fourth agenda, as experience tells me that too much focus on hardware development is too one sided. The 'soft' component which is the social spectrum needs attention too and it comes at the right time as Sarawak celebrates her 50th Anniversary of independence within Malaysia (translated ~ more funds coming in). Our youth development programmes are in need of innovative programs that suits modern times.

Officiating of the KIRC (Le Park) by the Chief Minister and the tree planting by the VIPs

Live view on the launching of the My Beautiful Malaysia on the big screen

Crisp clear image on the stage and speech delivery by the Right Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia

The Gotong Royong for all those present at the venue starts, including tree planting

Going back to the Fourth Agenda just now, it is hoped that the relevant authorities in the State can take this opportunity to pick up on past social studies that have been conducted previously, but shelved or in queue due to lack of funds. My brief stint with the State Planning Unit's Social Development Section exposed me to the State's Social Agenda and it is fortunate that the Federal Government has realised its importance also. There may be many gaps in the action plans but it can be addressed in phases. Social transformation is the next big thing if the State is to achieve its vision for holistic development, both in body and soul. God Speed.