Congrats Alexius & Stephanie

Reason to Cheers

My friend, Alexius Barieng, invited me to his wedding last week and I am glad that work did not prevent me from attending it. It almost most times, my weekends would always taken up by unfinished tasks that I always seem to bring back home. Being the first month of the year 2013, all things on the drawing board are thrown on the office table and also home table to sort out. Draft plans which are later to be  implemented throughout the year. However when I received his invitation card I did say that I will attend it by hook or by crook.

So off I went to Grand Margherita Kuching and the evening looked set to be full of fun as I was seated with close friends. Let me rephrase that, very close drinking friends. Need I say more as later we will see in the picture why. Unfortunately the cameraman (that's me) as always is the case will not be captured in the images to follow.

Entrance of the confident groom and the shy bride.

The occassion was made more colourful with the presence of the Sarawak Governor Tun Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Muhammad Salahuddin bin Abang Barieng (notice the similiarity in the groom's name) and his wife Toh Puan Hjh Norkiah. Indeed the presence of the State's top guns in the Hotel's Asajaya Hall made me alert and that I should behave. No gangnam style poses when I take the photos to get the right angle. To a certain extent I did manage to take some nice shots even after we had some round of wine and beer at the back of the room. The blurry vision in my camera lenses are not due to the wine glasses which keeps emptying but I suspect its the faulty lenses....*hic*

Apple shows the way: The bride and groom during their message of thanks to everyone showed that iPad plays an important role in sharing their message. At least it shows some things in common between them for it will encourage them to share things in the iCloud.

And there was that wonderful moment during the cake cutting ceremony

The toast was quite complex in a way. This is where one has to understand the simplicity we Sarawakians have managed to put into mix marriages like this one. The intertwining of cultures which some of our other Malaysian cousins (across South China Sea) may find complex are all brought into the spirit of being one during this wedding dinner reception. Everyone was having fun, the toast was done in several languages led by Datu Aloysius Dris. The Governor and wife joined in the toast (with soft drink of course) but we did ours with wine and beer. There was no barrier in cultures or restrictions to frown at, and protocol was not so much involved as it was a celebration of marriage and after all, Mr. and Mrs. Alexius were the King and Queen (Raja Sehari) for the day.

The Other Toasts

After the official toast there was the 'Other Toasts'. Here, the bride and groom visited every table and drank with the family, relatives and friends ~ i repeat from table to table. This I have to admire as the couple were able to cruise along without signs of tipsiness. There can be no way they were hiding the contents of the glasses anywhere.....either that or they were drinking chinese tea.

Lets see what the bride and groom would be able to observe from their point of view. Seven to ten people will be looking at you when you gulp in that glass you are holding. All in one swipe if you may as they cheer you makes you feel like an Olympian about to do the impossible thus the answer to our mystery on their success in completing those table to table visits. I did not see the best man help to cushion the drinks when they toast with their guests. They have trained hard for this....I see gold medal prospect.

Friends, relatives and guests had a wonderful time. It was time to do the famous poco-poco line dance for most and everyone participated..... the band was able to play all the songs and everyone could do whatever dance was required of them ~ of course the Governor had gone back already by this time.

Finally what we have been waiting for, the dance by our favourite couple that night. Everyone was on stage doing their own thing (some minus their shoes) but Mr and Mrs. Alex were doing a romantic number. 

Once again, thanks for the invite buddy and Congratulations!