Pesta Benak 2012 Dedications

Memories Of Pesta Benak 2011 

Its been almost three months of saying adios to Sri Aman, but I feel I would not have done my part if I did not publish the second part of the Pesta Benak 2012 promo which I prepard earlier. After sourcing out all the necessary movies clips and experimenting with a few Movie making softwares, I wish to stick with the simple Windows Movie maker. Most of my March 2012 blogging time has been trying to fit in all this promo movie story line, So to the people of Sri Aman and the organisers of Pesta Benak 2012 Sri Aman, I share with you (and all Benak @ Tidal Bore fans) the part two of the promo video.


 May Pesta Benak 2012 this year be merry and grand. I am not sure of being able to make it though I do wish I can. Being in another capacity it is certainly hard to find the free time to meet my Sri Amanian friends once again. 

Cheers my friends.