New Chaper 2012

The Transformational 'Surfer'

So here I am in my new office after reporting for duty on 16 January 2012. I forsee that this is going to be an exciting journey. So what lies ahead as I sit here heading Section 4 of the Human Resource Management (HRM) Unit, Chief Minister's Department. In a way it was homecoming for me. My new office located at Wisma Bapa Malaysia brings many memories. It was here that I reported for duty, in July 1994 and again in September 2001 (after our Ministry was relocated to the State Office Complex in 1998) before leaving for Sri Aman in 2008. I could recall that first day as I dropped by at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism as a newly recruited officer, still wet behind the ears. At the lobby I could recall how the occupants of the building looked older than me. Lots of people in dark coloured coats and bright colourful neckties. And large neckties they were. Mine was an outrageously thin necktie which did not match my maroon shirt and cream khaki trousers. This was a 'no no' dress code at that time but I guess being a new kid in the block I was forgiven.

Today it seems that everyone was new as I see lots of young faces at the lobby, while waiting for the lift. I was trying my best to catch glimpses of familiar faces. But I am fortunate as my new team at Section 4 made me feel at home instantly. During the signing of handing over notes, I was appropriately briefed on the challenges that lay ahead for the HRM Unit. The Chief Minister's Department was on an important mission. In line with the Government's Transformation Programme (GTP) spearheaded by the YAB Prime Minister via YB Dato' Sri Idris Jala, the State Government is also embarking on its own parallel transformation programme. Yes this Human Resource thingy is something new to me but its time to roll up my sleeves and learn something new. One colleague assured me that human resource management is nothing new. "We do HR everyday without us knowing it". When we apply for a job, to filling in job descriptions, attend in house training, apply for sick or study leave.......thats HR.


But 2012 opens with a different beginning. Gone will be the day to day type of administration as our State Secretary stresses on the need for a paradigm shift towards transformational management. The target is very high ~ becoming a strategic government to achieve World Class status. This means to review and redevelop procedures, processes and policies of world class standards. So that is a tall order is it not? But after a few years of serving on the ground (Sri Aman) I would say I can relate to this calling.

Look at it this way, after many eons of tidal bore @ benak occurrence at the mighty Batang Lupar river, not many people would have dared (or thought about it) to surf the waves on a longboard. That's when a Frenchmen by the name of Antony Colas came to Sri Aman in 2009 and changed that perception.

It takes mind over matter (after hearing all those stories on the giant crocodiles in the river including the famous Bujang Senang) to step on a surf board and play along Batang Lupar. The presence of the international surfers to guide and show you how its done helps one overcome this fear factor. You'll fall once, twice and many times but that's part of the learning process. Similarly this is the what the transformation journey is going to be like. You can give many excuses on why it can't be done but not until you try. You'll fall and fall, but hey there are others who have achieved World Class status. We can't say it can't be done. So pick up your longboard and together we can surf this Transformational Wave.