Happy New Year 2012

Deja Vu

That familiar 'feeling' when the new year arrives and the previous one comes to a close is making its presence now somewhere in the corner of my heart. Its that time of the year again where we start picking up the phone or start clicking on the computer to send out greetings to relatives and friends that come to mind. Some of us who have more time or who are meticulous by nature will actually have a list of 'must contact/must send wishes' list. it is like buying Greeting Cards where one starts counting how many many to buy and also to ensure there is enough stamps to accompany those envelopes. Boy, we really kept the postmen busy those days. That is one familiar exercise that would go missing in this deja vu as we tend to get only bills and sales promotions brochures in our mailboxes now.

Similarly, it is the time also to always remember the so many annual gatherings that we hold at almost during any festivities. Its something that we as Malaysians will be famous for as there are so many 'New Year' Celebrations that come to mind. Apart from this Roman calendar New Year of 2011 to 2012, we have the Chinese New year also coming soon. Some of us Ibans consider Gawai Dayak sometimes in June also as our New Year. But the meaningful part which has deja vu sense is the gathering of friends and family during these special occasions.

The funny Mr. Beans also needs friends to make his New Year celebration meaningful

It is during these gatherings where family bonds and friendship ties are strengthened. The younger members of the families will meet their cousins and it will during this time that new members will be introduced in the joyful family/friends reunion environment. It is also during these times that we will update about fortunes and share experiences, be it bitter or sweet.

In summary I would have to say the year 2011 has been one of the most challenging year. Not only for me but also for the family. I can dabble on and on about the early moments of 2011 when I was in the thick  and thin of preparing for the State's 10th State Elections and the Pesta Benak 2011 in Sri Aman but for this post I would just like to give thanks to the Lord Almighty for having us go through one of the most difficult phase when my dad underwent a major operation in August 2011. Though he went through the operation with flying colours, it is the many months of recovery that was most trying. This year end gathering was made more significant as we celebrated dad's 72nd birthday. The sense of deja vu was strengthened as everyone was around during the family roll call giving toasts and sharing their thoughts through short speeches.

Dad blowing the '72' candles on his birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Dad....we love you. So to all the netizens of the world who come across my blog, wherever you may be, at home with your own gathering, at a concert somewhere or in restaurants.....or just alone in your room......Happy New year everyone. I don't have any greeting cards to offer, but I send to you my New Year greetings through my humble blog. May we leave the fond memories of 2011 and learn from its hard and not so sweet lessons if any. Let it enrich us with the experience to face the new year 2012. Keep the faith, let the love flow and go through this life doing the Lord's noble work of making this world of ours a better place. Peace and Prosperity to all.


Monyet King said…
Happy New Year, Desmond. Wish you a fantastic year ahead.