High Over Sri Aman

Tour of Duty Over Sri Aman Division

Right after the meeting to form the Secretariat for Lubok Antu Rural Development, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join the helicopter ride with the Member of Parliament for P.203 Lubok Antu, the Honourable Tuan William Nyalau Badak. My Nikon D5000 again came with me by accident as I had intended to take some photos of the durian season at Lubok Antu. Thus I share with Nadai Nama Nama readers some of the aerial shots that I manage to shoot at random and maybe those of you from Sri Aman can identify some familiar buildings or longhouses.

From Left: The NNN Fella, YB Tuan William Nyalau Badak, YB Malcolm Mussen Lamoh, YB Dr. Johnichal Rayong, Irwandee Reduan, Joseph and Captain George before the flight

Over Lubok Antu District & Engkilili Sub District

Lubok Antu Town and Bridge

SK Lubok Antu

Old and New SK Lubok antu

New buildings can be seen over Lubok Antu Town

Longhouse from the air

A longhouse in the Sayat area, Engkilili sub District

Engkilili Town

Engkilili New and Old Town

Over Sri Aman Districts

The Batang Lupar Bridge from above

Settlement along Batang Lupar

JPJ Sri Aman test site 

Sri Aman Pasir Panas area

Regent Inn and Agro Bank can be seen here over at Sri Aman

Sri Aman Tamu area

Sri Aman Old Town area

Yaysan Building in Sri aman Old Town area

Wisma Persekutuan Sri Aman

View of Batang Lupar from the air over Sri Aman

A mix of old and new Sri Aman town

St. Luke area

St. Luke from another angle

Another angle of the Sri Aman Old Town area

Sri Aman as seen from the air

Sri Aman Town from a higher angle

Desa Indah Sri Aman

Sri Aman new Sports Complex