Allen & Majorie

The wedding couple in the spotlight

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Allen. Gawai 2011 presented its own lovely (and loving) moments as I managed to scurry down to Sri Aman from Song, Kapit via Sibu to attend a friend's wedding. Its a wedding with a difference as the bride's father, Mr. Joseph Junting was a long time family friend.

The wedding couple's much awaited kiss as both parents watched proudly

One for the album: Mr. & Mrs. Allen with Mr. & Mrs. Desmond (yes that bald fellow)

A colourful and flowery wedding deco provides for a lovely dance setting to remember

No doubt during this Gawai moments I managed to meet up with old friends and we wished each other a Happy Gawai amidst the fun. As I drink away with Allen's dad at the back, the guys in front (from left to right) Mr. Augustine, Mr. Hillary and Mr. Aldrin tried their uttermost to behave and talked about how environment friendly looking those green cans look.

A Wedding and a Gawai......its like two in one favourite did I enjoy myself? I may have overdone it but like I say, it was time to enjoy the double celebration but my fun moments are not the highlight here

So as not to steal the thunder with what I did this Gawai at the Sri Aman Dewan Suarah, I present to you the loving couple in their best dance pose on stage.....Mr. Allen and Dr. Majorie. Of course they are the 'Raja Sehari'....the Royal Couple for the event.....

And like what we ask of any Royal Couples on their weddings....we request that they kiss twice, which they did to the delight of the crowd 

To Mr. Allen and Dr. Majorie, Congratulations!! Thank you for the fun.....and free flow of drinks which saw me struggle to keep in step with the much more veteran dancers. I wish you all the best and may live happily ever after.


dellyne said…
nice baju batik ;p can see you really enjoyed there