RIP: Jerome Runggol

A Comrade Leaves Us

It was totally unexpected that I received news of the late Mr. Jerome Runggol who was called upon by the Lord yesterday 17 June 2011. He was both a family friend and also someone I had known to be the coolest private secretary (to YB Datuk Francis Harden ak Hollis, the Assistant Minister for Land Development, Sarawak) I ever worked with since I was transferred to Sri Aman three years ago. He had always encouraged me to take up golf, something that I had not pick up yet. A few things that I had also never got to do for him was to assist him with his Facebook profile. He wanted a photo which would best describe him as his profile photo. That was something that I also never got to do as I had thought someone like Mr. Jerome, an ever smiling man, sometimes always deep in thought, but never failing to give advice whenever I need it, would still have many more years ahead of him. I believe I would have learnt much from him, being a former government servant, working with the Medical Department before he decided to participate in politics. Though he was YB Datuk Francis Harden's private secretary, he was always ever helpful and he never threw his weight around which made my job in the administration of development in Sri Aman less complicated.  The photos of the good times together below, hopefully will serve to describe Mr. Jerome for the dedicated man he was to his YB and party and also to his friends and family.

The late Mr. Jerome Runggol (photo 2010) ~ I am sure this picture would have made a good Facebook profile photo

How his friends see him as described by his Facebook friends in Alice Jawan's condolence message in my Facebook page

With YB Datuk Francis Harden in blue (left) and wearing those cool dark shades is Mr. Jerome (right) with the late Mr. Walter Lamat Kiyai (middle)

Memorable moments with Mr. Antony Colas as Mr. Jerome I distinctly remembered explained to our guest from France about Sarawak's culture especially the 'Ooohaaaa' and 'bottoms up' part. I am sure Mr. Antony will miss him when he comes to Sarawak next month

Mr. Jerome was also a talented singer and even I cannot outperform him as he has that distinct style in performing as seen in the photo above

Mr. Jerome's radiance shine on everyone he meets and its hard not to smile or laugh at his jokes

Adieu Comrade, we will miss you. Condolences to the family. May his soul rest in peace. God bless.