A Time To Give

Go Bald 3

I would like to take this opportunity to the folks who have been kind enough to donate to the Go Bald 3 Campaign which was held at tHe Spring on 15 May 2011. Your contributions mean a lot to the kids and  who are receiving cancer treatment and their accompanying family. They will definitely benefit from the new Cancer Centre which will provide them with the facilities,care and love which can help them recover faster. I had not actually planned to go bald this year as I had expected election would be held later than May 2011and I being a bald Returning Officer may raise some eyebrows. So I thank God for being able to do my part and on behalf of the donors Go Bald the second time. It is only right we give back in our own way be it in donations, contributions or action. God has brought us this far in life's long journey, the best we should do is to thank his blessings for us and our family is to by help others who are less fortunate and provide hope.

Before ~ lining up and wearing my Go Bald 2 Shirt

The hairy or no hair experience took less than 10 minutes

Family support: Thanks to my family for being there to support this event

Kudos and Congratulation to Sarawak Bloggers for being part of the event

It is my wish one day that those kids who have been at the Sarawak Children Cancre Centre will flick through our blogs one day. They will know they are not alone and know that there are people out there who are doing their best to help them recover and hopefully it gives them the strength to overcome their illness. They will see the bald uncles, brothers and sisters and the kind donors can look proudly at their contributions to making the building a reality. Eveyone will have a hand in it as it will be a symbol of love. We will be a step nearer to becoming a caring and loving society irregardless of what race or religion we belong to.


Monyet King said…
Well done again, DJ. May be next year I will sponsor you again.

BTW, I think you look better without the haIR :)
cyrildason said…
very good of you to help out bro. I have had a good chat with Silas, and we will see how we can get involved directly next year.