Happy 10th Anniversary Exabytes

Exabytes Super Blogger Contest

Exabytes has done it again and this time it has organised another interesting contest which is the Super Blogger Contest. I would like to promote this to all my blogging friends who feel that they can be in the running and win some prizes especially an iPad 2. However this is an example of the company's innovativeness in being a Domain Provider and also offer its Hosting Services to local bloggers.

My Slogan: 3R For Exabytes - Responsible, Reliable and Responsive

Its not easy to find a reliable domain provider and a stable web hosting company in Malaysia. Exabytes has gone a long way and so far has yet to disappoint me. I had started explored the Internet as early as 1998. Purchasing a domain name, looking for the cheapest domain name providers and then going around looking for cheap host providers was a long and painful journey. At that time Malaysia has not had any of this services and I had not discovered Exabytes too. I had my doubts earlier as the company was not so responsive to my technical problems when I wanted to host my blog in their server. But being a true blue Malaysian I was adamant in giving a Malaysian company a chance even though there were other providers which offered their services. I had my problems with the providers who are outside Malaysia due to the time zone difference and their feedback was almost 12 hours late as compared to our local Exabytes.

I am glad that I stuck with Exabytes as they have grown well in this competetive business and they excelled in many ways. The setting up of Exabytes (MY) Facebook is quite a good idea and I find it pretty responsive and ever friendly. So far I have a few domains registered with exabytes and I am always on the watch out for their ever innovative package and offer which are suited for everyone. For upcoming webmasters in Malaysia and aspirant bloggers who wish to have your own domain names. I manage to set up mine with Exabytes. Though I would not say they would make you happy as some of the technical know how you yourself will have to know but Exabyte's hardworking effort and genuine customer friendly service makes me stick with them this past few years.

Thank you Exabytes (M), Keep it Up and May the Force be with you.


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