Bujang Simanggang

Crikey Mate, Is that A Croc

My last wildlife photos was taken last month when I captured an image of two eagles while cruising along Batang Rajang. Not to be outdone, I guess Batang Lupar decided to show off its loyal tenants who are famed to rule this river. It was a chance encounter as I had not expected this croc to show up in full grand view near the Taman Panaroma Benak on a hot afternoon. But it was a moving figure which I thought was a large lizard at first. I quickly went down to get a clearer view it turned out to be a real crocodile. Omigosh! Put my camera and this croc at the same place at the same time and, one gets to see the photos below.

The outline of the crocodile can be made out at the left corner of the photo from the Taman Panaroma Benak

Yeah, its a croc alright seemingly resting at the riverbank near the Land and Survey wooden jetty

I made my way to the other side and went into the bushes to get a clearer shot. On the far right is the Sri Aman Town and you can see the boat approaching the town's jetty at a distance.

A white bird flew in from the town side and landed nearby the croc

This white bird is one cool dude, as it struts calmly down pass this mean looking croc

Two different species but at peace with one another - probably due to the fact that they are not members of any political party?

I have to admit that I am no (the late) Steve Irwin who'd exclaim 'Crikey!' if he sees this croc. I would not be like Steve too by running down there to wrestle or hug this croc. Thus one also have to salute the Frenchman, Monsieur Antony Colas who surfed the Batang Lupar Benak two years ago. The river is this animal's territory I could only creep through the tall grasses as I looked for the best way to get this crocodile's photo. When i put one of the photos on my facebook wall, it was to suggest that the croc be named Bujang Simanggang. Why not, if it decides to show up in the area more regularly and pose for photographers, then name can be used to market Sri Aman. I am sure it'll be a plus factor for those who visit the Taman Panaroma Benak. Have a nice view everyone!


Tia said…
nasib banyak bagus oooo dapat tengok dekat2! try ur luck bro kat kaunter u know where...hehehehe
CathJ said…
Oh my gosh!!! That is scary....
Unknown said…
That deserves an OMG! Great job on the photos, but make sure you use your tele and don't get too close.