SK Nanga Klassen 2010

SK Nanga Klassen Looks Forward To 2011

Before the year closes I have to say one of the happiest moment for me now is to see to the completion of the SK Nanga Klassen project. It has been a challenging one trying to secure this project and I have come to realise this is not something that one can achieve alone. Everyone should be given credit for it be it the Yang Berhormats YB Datuk Francis Harden (N.27 Simanggang), YB Tuan Masir Kujat (Parliament P.202 Sri Aman, State development Office (Sri Aman) and Headquarter in Kuching), Jabatan Kerja Raya Sri Aman, Sri Aman District Office, the SK Nanga Klassen school staff to the Village Development Committee (JKKK Klassen).

Students using the hanging bridge in May 2010 as the Phase I is being built in the background

Handing over of the Project Site for Phase II of the bridge construction in July 2010

Finally a completed SK Nanga Klassen as seen on bridge on 14 December 2010

Supervision with the JKR Team (from left) Mr. Chong, Ir Nasseruddin, myself,  Augustine Cheong on Phase III begins with the construction of a premix road into the school compound which includes a parking space. 

Just when I thought that the mission to complete the bridge was achieved, it seems that the Jabatan Kerja Raya, Sri Aman has provided a much needed component into Phase III of the project which included parking space, road access into the school and even water supply as the school had been dependent on groundwater supply. More reports coming soon once the project within the school compound is completed.

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