Merry Christmas 2010

Have a Merry Christmas

Nadai Nama Nama would like to take this opportunity to wish its readers a Merry Christmas 2010. Yes, this is the latest update from the Nadai Nama Nama Blog as it attempts to look back into 2010 in my upcoming New Year 2010 post. Many readers have contacted me to request what happened to my blog. Not to worry, I have not given up on blogging. Only to look at what direction to choose in 2011. I have not really recovered from losing my past photos in the portable hard drive that were stored all my years photo collection. About five years of effort down the drain and I am picking up the pieces from the web. 

But lets focus on Christmas this year. I am back with the family to celebrate Christmas with my parents. Nothing beats that after we had an enjoyable holiday in Kuala Lumpur two weeks before. But an ocassional feeling of sadness overwhelms me as some of the meaningful photos  are lost especially those of past Christmas and Gawais and family. It would have made a good year to year reflection of the events that pass by me in this blog. *sigh*

We attended Christmas at the Sibu Iban Methodist Church at Jalan Fong Ming. This is the photo of the old building, the sight that I get to see of the old building since I was a small boy

When I continued my study, the Iban Methodist church made progress with a new modern and air conditioned building beside it.

Something to remember like in my younger days were the fellowship one has with the Church. I grew up here with the Lord's teachings. It will be their turn as they grow up ~ Shania with (from left) cousin Jason, Uncle Awie and cousin Justine at the old Church Hall

So Christmas eve for our simple church started with pot luck; church goers bring their own dishes and eat as together to nurture that spirit of sharing

It has been a fun December 2010. The Kuala Lumpur trip with the family in mid December can be considered the start of the holiday as we countdown the year. Everyone was in Kuala Lumpur to shop till they drop. 2011 looks like a challenging year ahead. It is for me if I am to cover the upcoming State Elections 2011. Cheers, Merry Christmas to all.


Monyet King said…
Merry Christmas, DJ and wish you a Great New Year 2011.