Drive Safe - Always

The Sarawak Update website attracted my attention when it was reported that our country registered the highest number of road accident fatalities for every 100,000 of the population. This for me is an issue that comes close to my heart because I spend most of my time driving on the road. Its scary especially when you see all those giant trailers come charging at you. One wrong swing by the fella or you, it will not be a pretty sight. I have often come across these situations and I can say experience, your level of alertness or reflex that are not enough to save you. 

This bus stop along Sri Aman - Simunjan road was not spared by a trailer that went off its path. Luckily no one was waiting for the bus at that time

This self accident happened along the Serian - Kuching highway. One can see that the front seat passenger may have not been wearing seat belt. The shattered windscreen is bloodied.

In Sarawak most road accidents are due to everything that you can write down in the list. To some extent I believe the main contributing factor would be the condition of the road, second after the 'driver' factor. So far I am awaiting for some official publications or report or study on the overall accidents statistics along Sarawak's 'highway'. We have departments handling road safety but we do not seem to be hearing much from them except for the occasional road safety campaigns, mostly during festive seasons. Its pretty weird don't you think? It is a known fact that most drivers prefer to drive during the day time. Thus the increase in traffic on the road is one of the reason accidents happen. Then come night time, one has to have a special skill to drive as your car will be accompanying giant tankers, trailers and trucks (as if by magic they appear to love driving at this time). Add a little excitement during heavy rain (at night), with no stopover facility  by the roadside to allow safe refuge and rest for the driver when visibility becomes limited.

RM9 billion is a lot of money.

Another accident scene due to dark conditions along Sri Aman - Kuching road

Luckily for the driver (not in the picture) he will live to drive another day

Another typical accident scene at the infamous Bukit Begunan, Sri Aman

Bukit Begunan is no match for any most times you can be as careful as can be but well, the picture speaks for itself

The road maintenance section placed sand on the road surface for safety measures

Accidents form a hole in the Government's pocket as most of the funds usually will go to the Tow Truck business. I am still hoping that much of the funds for development can be channeled to Sarawak to improve our road conditions. One can say many good things about economic development for the country but with almost RM9 billion leaking out annually, I was thinking if enough 'lab' time had been allocated to improve the present situation. One can always look at YB Senator Datuk Seri Idris Jala's PEMANDU lab approach in solving this issue. If possible try to get him to give us his input as this oil man seems to be full of ideas, from managing airlines to looking at new doors opening for him. Many researches have been done and various NGOs formed to look for solutions, so there won't be any lack of literature for any lab to digest. I can't comment much and its another driving day for me tomorrow. What I'll do is to turn my car into a mini chapel and while cruising the highway I'll pray and pray for a safe journey.