A Bridge Not Too Far

SK Klassen Bridge Progress

Most of you have been asking Nadai Nama Nama about the progress of the new SK Klassen Bridge to replace the almost collapsed hanging bridge. Well I am happy to note that there is positive progress since the handing over last July 2010 and I'll come out with a full report maybe after its completion. Its a delicate task really, more so with the rainy season which may result in some interruption in the work schedule.

The bridge in August 2010

My visit last august 2010, the bridge;s foundation was still being built with two structures in the middle of the river. The water level at that time was pretty high as it coincided with king tide. The construction progress nw is as below:

Beams are being put in place on the bridge approach end

View from the school side approach

Another view from the school side approach as one can view work being done at the other side

Bridge beams being fitted and later welding will be the next operation

Easy does it.....making sure its built to specification

The old and new, side by side.

At this point it is reported that the construction is 70% complete. The expected completion date is in November 2010. It is hoped that this will be in time to be used before the coming rainy season. Its still at at  critical stage and I really have to thank the school authorities for their patience. One can't really rush this project as it may compromise the structure's safety. Will keep everyone updated.....cheers.


cyrildason said…
This is good progress. At least it didnt take them 3 years to complete like the building of the bridges in my kpg a few years ago.

headsteadi said…
The 2nd & 3rd last pic. If these guys are working at our construction site, the contractor will be asked to pack and sent home.
1. No safety helmet
2. No safety boot
3. Working at heights with no safety harness/support
4. No housekeeping

Anyway, I'm very impressed with Tuan Desmond's dedication that has made this new bridge a reality. The state need more people like you!