Zaini Please Lah

A friend of mine highlighted an article in Utusan Malaysia page 5 by a certain known or unknown writer named Zaini Hassan who touched on the decision by Sarawak's present Chief Minister to continue leading the Barisan Nasional Coalition in the next State Election. I am not talking politics in this post please, just trying to find out why he is mumbling on matters related to Sarawak. I would'nt reproduce his article here as I have no interest in his motive. I am just confused by what he has to say, especially on some of his statements which I would love to dissect.

He starts off rambling about the few SMSes he recieved from his friends in Sarawak who were disappointed about the Chief Minister's decision. Good Lord great balls of fire, I suppose he wrote as if he received a hundred or thousands of SMSes? It sounds like that, though he did not say, which motivated him to write his article to sound as if majority of the Sarawakians are unhappy. Come on Zaini, you did not give me your handphone number so I can send SMS to you also. But would that have changed his tone or is there some agenda which our Zaini has in mind. Rilek ler bro....kalau nak tulis tu biar lah seimbang dalam perbentangan. I am no fan of articles that lack balanced views or depict something else other than the real picture. I distinctly remember the time when some newspaper put the picture of Tengku Razaleigh using a Kadazandusun headgear many years ago and started spinning tales about the crucifix (cross)  design of the headgear. It sparked some kind of phobia (Christianphobia?) after that, I don't know but it proves how words can be damaging when one paints the wrong picture.

Give credit where its due: I noticed that Detik Daily (above) is kinder in words with their Tok Guru who has been Menteri Besar for 20 plus years. They acknowledged his contributions and his achievements. So why is Zaini aiming his guns at Sarawak just because he recieved some SMSes (still don't know how many)? The State's leadership popularity can't be treated like Akademi Fantasia where SMSes votes represent the majority as one person can send more than one SMSes. Its the votes at the ballot boxes that matters,

In summarising his article Zaini aptly this paragraph with Bak kata orang kampung, tiada siapa yang boleh menongkat langit. Atau jika tidak faham apa orang kampung itu bercakap, perpatah Inggeris pula berkata, nobody is indispensable. I'm sorry Zaini but let's not look at it from the 'indispensable' point of view but lets approach it from the right leader at the right time point of view. In the words that Detik Daily has for Tok Guru, Nadai Nama Nama will take recognizance for the achievements the CM has brought Sarawak throughout its 47 years within Malaysia. To stress my point, during World War II, Prime Minister Winston Churchill provided the type of leadership needed very much by the British to win the war. For Sarawak, I can say our present batch of leaders have the right leadership qualities and inspiration to bring us forward. I had the honour of being part of the SCORE (Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy) team two years ago and our State Planning Unit team had a tough time presenting our plans and directions to the CM. Surprisingly for his age I find that his mind, vision and plans for Sarawak goes beyond him as he sculptured SCORE, and its planned implementation. Although its realisation will exceed his time.....even beyond my lifetime, that is what we need - a visionary leader. I am sorry Zaini, but that is how I feel about it, but then again, this blog is about Nadai Nama Nama so I'll wave my peace sign. Nobody is Perfect....Nobody is Indispensable. I am a Nobody......and this means I am Perfect and Indispensable? Words can be confusing but don't confuse people, especially majority of Sarawakians intentionally. Cheers.