Swiftlet Entrepreneur Course

Lingga Training For Birds' Nests Entrepreneurs

The Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) organised a 'Burung Walet' or birds' nest technical course in Lingga today and it was officially closed by the SEDC Chairman YB Datuk Hai Taip Zulpilip. About 60 participants of potential brids' nest operators attended the course.

In the picture above:YB Datuk Haji Talip Zulpilip arrived by helicopter at the Lingga Sub-District Office compound and greeted by the Sarawak Administrative Officer in charge Encik Wan Mazehi.

In his closing ceremony speech, YB Datuk Haji Talip Zulpilip stressed on the need to develop the birds' nest industry as Sarawak has a vast area of agriculture land that can be used to build structures that can attract these birds and encorage them to build nests.

One for the album: The participants having a group photo with YB Datuk Haji Zulpilip, YB Hajah Simoi Peri and District Officer Encik Bujang Budin.

I manage to have a look at the instrument that was being used to attract the birds to the nesting house/bird's farm house. Its a simple gadget that will send out chirping sounds of the birds (swiftlets) to attract them. One of the course lecturers exhibited how the thing works (as in the picture above). The file format of the birds' natural twitting was in the USB pen. Sure enough birds numbering 30 to 50 came above us encircling the Sub District Office.

However I did not managed to pick out the swiftlets as they were too high up above and flew too fast.So I guess I had to compensate that with the picture of the helicopter (Its a big bird anyway). If that pretty bird sitting beside the helicopter was due to the sounds made by the tweeting machine, I don't mind getting one of that gadget myself.

I wish all the future swiftlets entrepreneurs all the best in their future venture. It look promising. Cheers!