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Shania is Primary One

Firstly I apologise for the many typos in my previous entry about Chapter 2010. I am still trying to adapt to Dell's Inspiron 10 inch screen and the small fonts displayed. Thus designing the blog in a Netbook will be quite a challenge as what is displayed in this Netbook may look different in a normal PC or one with a larger screen. But its a good buy anyway as I find myself being able to achieve more on the go especially with presentations. The Netbook is definitely going to be a hot item for busy people.....I mean busy IT centric people.

Recently I joined the other legion of parents who will be sending their children to school starting 2010. Yes, my little Shania is Primary One this year. Its about two weeks now that she is in Primary One. In trying to get her adapt to the new school environment I had a full week with Shania in Week one and while waiting outside her class for that good one week the Dell mini Notebook was my close companion. Of course during recess I discovered myself being the attraction of young children who were curious. This initial orientation for Shania is a learning experience for her and also for me. My mission then was to capture the moments of Day One so that when she grows up she will get a view of how it was. It would be easy for me to tell her - look at what Daddy had to go through. I was not alone as I saw the other parents were armed with cameras too - be it the big DSLRs or compact Digital ones or the smaller cameraphones. I suppose they too, do not wish to miss the opportunity to be part of their children's school life.

The school conducted a briefing for the parents especially for parents who are sending their children to Primary One for the first time. It also conducted registration two days before school day which I believe is good as it will reduce the traffic congestion should registration be done at the same day as the new year and work starts..

My friend, Wallace was also sending his youngest son, Carlson who is also entering Primary One. He is one of the cameraman I mentioned as you can see that Canon 1000D sling around his neck. He is a veteran at this as his daughter, Chervonne (next to him) is currently in Primary Four.

Shania is wondering what the commotion is all about during her Primary One Registration Day. She has more friends at her nursery, but the sight of more people and parents made her nervous and anxious..

Zzzzzz...... Yes,, it will mean no more late night cartoons for her.

D - Day on Day One at School. Another challenging moment as she keeps peering outside the door and window looking for me and her Mum.

Orientation and Break time - finally we had to find out how best to reduce that load. When the text books start coming in we will have to put less weight in that food and water container.

Shy and Moody start - The Primary One students were the first to be allowed to the canteen so as to get a place to sit. Its a good idea also as when the other senior students come out for recess it will be havoc and the smaller children will have to compete for the chairs and tables.

Some smiles eventually - I knew that she was ready for Primary School adventure

Week Two into Shania's Primary One  - I am happy she is adapting. Though some of the other parents chide me and told me the best way to teach children how to swim was to throw them into the water and they will learn how to swim. They sent their children to class on Day One and just left. Well, I told them that there are two sides to the coin. You can teach them the hard way or the gentle way. My Primary One experience was a good one. My parents were around for the first few days and adapting to the new environment was less traumatic. So I don't know any other better way - she is doing fine now. However, this Daddy is not doing that well.


Pn Hamidah said…
So you survived your first week experience back to school which should be most memorable and exciting event for children and parents alike.I too still believe in the gentle ways as an encouraging gestures of moral and emotional support on this important day in their life.Undoubtedly this may help them feel more comfortable and at ease with the new environment and their new circle of friends.Daddy should have less to worry as Shania's a big girl now, at least that’s how we console ourselves haha..Thanks.