Who Will Win N.29

N.29 Batang Air Voting Soon

Sacrifices have been made

Phamplets for the nerve war is coming to a close

Gatherings and Campaigns are coming to a Close

Even campaign blogs are making their final appeal

Banners and Flags wither due to the rapid current, weather and heat

The Police are making their final preparations

The Media room is Abuzz with activity

All kinds of computer makes at the Media Centre - amazingly quiet here

The State Election Commission Tuan Haji Takun meets the Returning Officer Mr. Nelson Mujah Girie for final check

The Ballot boxes are ready for picking up by the 26 Teams

Team 1 is collected by Mr. Micheal Edward (sitting) and Mr. Paul Joring (Cowboy hat)

Another team from left (Azizah, Nurul, Reduan, Dayang Lolita, Noor Hayati) are going through the checklist

Making sure that the Tally Centre is all set for System Go!

Hey those photos on that banner looks familiar! I want my Royalty paid :) in Beer!

Parties making their the final appeal in the newspaper also - can't they get the N.29 Batang Air name right and also the candidate's name to tally with the ballot paper?

Who will Win Tomorrow?

The Parti Keadilan Rakyat Team versus the......

Barisan Nasional Team

The people decides tomorrow and the most important thing is that Democracy will Win Tomorrow!